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[博士英语1_2] Hunt for the latest conference

[font=Times New Roman][size=2][博士英语1_2] [/size][/font]s:[X SrJ]
[font=Times New Roman][size=2] [1] Use searching engines to find the latest conference annoucement in your own field (if you can) from the internet and paste it after this homework assignment notice in the column of "研究生英语" in the present forum.[/size][/font]
/Z b!l a7_(y:} [font=Times New Roman][size=2][2] Find a call for papers; pay special attention to the specific information and requements for paper submission. Paste this call for papers after this homework assignment notice  in the column of "研究生英语" in the present forum.[/size][/font]

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:50

The announcement found has the style of pdf and is a little large in size. It seems not polite to paste it here. If pormitted, I shall give the web adress of the announcement. TXCY9y9{+C

(X7[:BiX.o{ [url]http://www.heat2008.pb.edu.pl/HEAT2008_First_Announcement.pdf[/url]
)V9?.M5z^ ^ q Those main informations are as follows:
WT o9nc g
!g*JG#C#S ]8V#d Name: The 5th International Confereance on Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems, HEAT 2008|,B+T(T4u,HK X7JM
Qi V)C5r3]~
Time: June 30 - July 3, 2008$XM-li.n|8s)C
Location: Bialystok, Poland

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:51

《六届会》会 议 通 知  
en8[%A3L"M fY$} [url]http://www.chinafm.org.cn[/url] 2007-06-21 19:50:19 q(A"s5E.e2c

R Y0?_6o2a9L
T#r*_cW)x i
7s%RSW6r (2007年11月15~19日 湖北•武汉) ,W,z.N@r9A)wZ:Wa#D
一、前言 8XP5H? y%e}}S:|0u
whNF0eek     《第六届中国功能材料及其应用学术会议》定于2007年11月15~19日在湖北武汉召开。会议由我国功能材料领域知名的全国性学会、高等院校及科研单位联合主办。武汉理工大学牵头承办,武汉大学、华中科技大学、湖北大学、中南民族大学等单位协办。会议得到了国家自然科学基金委员会、教育部、中国工程院、中国科协等单位的支持。目前会议已收到论文1500余篇,并邀请了功能材料各领域国内外著名科学家作特邀报告。大会组委会将努力把本届会议办成我国新材料领域的一次层次高、规模大、专业广、国际化的大型学术盛会。 J ] `*D@CV f
欢迎我国功能材料领域的科学家、专家、教授、学者、企业家和工程技术人员参会;同时,欢迎各有关单位踊跃参加在会议期间举行的《功能材料分析、检测、加工与制备仪器设备展示会》。 ^S$dU%iO NF"q `+s
*c hX^$W#d     本届大会将设5个国际论坛:1.光电材料国际论坛;2.铁电材料国际论坛;3.纳米材料国际论坛;4.热电材料国际论坛;5.生物医用材料国际论坛。
,s ic+a@-@n-zq     以及15个国内分会场:1.光功能材料及其应用;2. 电功能材料及其应用;3. 纳米功能材料及其应用;4. 能源功能材料及其应用;5. 生物功能材料及其应用;6. 化学功能材料及其应用;7. 磁功能材料及其应用;8.热功能材料及其应用;9. 力和声功能材料及其应用;10. 环境功能材料及其应用;11.功能复合材料及其应用;12. 稀土功能材料及其应用;13.功能建筑材料及其应用;14. 电磁防护与隐身材料及其应用;15. 功能材料分析、检测、评价、制备加工技术。
.Q@&P hj(RD9n(M
yf+F(rk+yn 三、会议时间 B'xqc,K6aq6{,X){
+B ^ ]?ys1k
*c Y_8tls|^J 四、会议地点 Eu9C#|Tk g]
V8Q.Jx C7p 五、住宿与交通
G3dM3K3M%Q 大会组委会已与有关宾馆(见参会回执)签订协议,以优惠价格安排与会代表住宿。会议宾馆主要集中在武汉理工大学马房山校区西院周边(即“街道口”),交通十分便利。
u/M%N}X4] 六、会议注册 .TH9_Mg
1.所有参会代表必须提前注册,注册截止时间10月31日; !T S? O;z3F-N ~
2. 注册费标准:980元/人(9月15日前注册并交费优惠至800元/人);  
6|yj4Md9p/b#R 3. 在读博士、硕士研究生(凭有效证件)注册费标准:750元/人(9月15日前注册并交费,优惠至600元/人)。
y-[ V4G(^*_] 4.注册费优惠以07年9月15日前到帐为准,邮局汇款以邮戳为准,发票参会时统一领取。 "xw*\`/}%@-L
5.注册费可通过银行转帐或邮局汇款方式汇至会议承办单位武汉理工大学,汇单上务必注明单位、姓名及“六届会注册费”字样。 tiDzSl1rkr
银行转帐 'B3a7uzZpS%|
  户  名:武汉理工大学资金结算中心 5[.h+] aA n:^[ i8f7}
P2B {3B p/{   行  号: 826048 !K P c9Q.FV8@0n.x"q1I
  帐  号:3202006709000311410
(m:Y@;_T-TSm 邮局汇款及联系地址
&V1LO6L2j2r   地址:湖北武汉珞狮路122号  邮编:430070        
SQ1H8r cS't;v   武汉理工大学材料学院    收款人:赵雷康 .fD'\%JS5h;N.J|
%xf4Qi/Q Ig ?)^
Z2O O B/HU z`9J 1. 会议征文要求请参见“征文通知”(/meeting)。 4{+M$iS8Vf
2. 大会将从参会交流的论文中按一定比例评选优秀论文,并由大会组委会向作者颁发“优秀论文证书”与奖金。 \rI0D r9Yp&~6a
八、联系方式 'Z l@3u1?J-w.S^e8H
pXD"}7q 通讯处:重庆仪表材料研究所学会秘书处             邮  编:400700
d6SK9V)K.J6X%j#^ 电  话:023-89850186,68264719                   传  真:023-68264719
U-]9DLPy@L E-mail:[email]ncfma06@vip.sina.com[/email]                      联系人:聂尊誉、卢利平、赵安中
i6k_o3La+C;H XK 大会承办单位:
.pB0rK A ob 通讯处:武汉珞狮路122号,武汉理工大学材料学院   邮  编:430070
P%u"Ru*_4Fd*gAf1c     电  话:027-87651779 87884448                     传  真:027-87651779,87879468
hyw oG E-mail:[email]6th_ncfma@whut.edu.cn[/email]                     联系人:**华  曹凤婷 余志勇 ;G bTO Nc#cm0p9|)K
C3RB/c2G.Bw nuy5V
oIk)Fb]1K6B 9BU9|+c_o V
Q*{1h}?iW8Q 2007年6月

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:51

  S3]L h$P\ka$U?
"Trends and Challenges in Applied Mathematics"      June 20-23, 2007, Bucharest, Romania    .NW F5qK2OqE
B OePUG First Announcement - Call for papers $@k(tT9kR#q
We would like to announce the International Conference "Trends and Challenges in Applied Mathematics - ICTCAM 2007 - which will be held in Bucharest, June 20-23, 2007 at the Technical University of Civil Engineering. 6Wf0I m\kO p
t(h'V3V h\7F
Our main purpose is to bring together scientists from Applied Mathematics and related fields.  
3{%_q"w8c/O @z2W,L? x1P0p
We invite researchers, professors, practitioners, as well as students to participate in the conference and to present 9^/z;r@v].e+?N
V.n\u_7b9] ]
their papers in the following areas:
kQ$i v px%o+]"~2g[
5^Xwm;n9b0\u%\-ME Mathematical modelling (models by differential equations and equations with partial derivates, the modelling of engineering, [`&Ic_jDg8Blm'}$f

-|0j P h]8s.f] environment and fabrication processes, constructions and structures systems, solids and materials mechanics, industrial
-I;EZ6l k ? A0} p.I_$GXy)`^_
systems, heat transfers, fluids mechanics, systems theory, electromagnetic fields etc);  R n%ENRr

%_M0} f,oe9] Analysis and numerical methods (applied analysis, approximation, numerical methods for differential equations, equations :hM1d+^`P3Fi

8}R `2S z4{ B with partial derivatives and integral equations, errors analysis, numerical problems for dynamic systems, numerical methods
)q[ e6?a"|7j A.?#f 7eI sti'FN(vy
in the Fourier analysis etc);  
T7jo/U&E"u5Z0yY g],w5B+A;w T2N
Optimization, operational researches and statistics (variational techniques, mathematical programming, discrete mathematics,
djaUf'M{w}tlo "a1W!g\Fi
data mining and knowledge systems, statistical learning, statistical computing, large data base processing, functional data
F ^ i/r(UT1ej
q.~ Re z analysis, risk analysis etc).
0^u!he;}SW!\ There will be plenary lectures, short communications and posters. All accepted and presented papers will be published  in the
3x&wI)bq AHc+H 3v9j-S3U_Lv/h
proceedings of ICTCAM 2007. Further details will be available during the conference.
?|F,S4\.[jQ0Zj :H$gX3`/`1l/[2w
Preliminary registration. Please send us an e-mail message by March 15, 2007, containing the following information: name, affiliation, intention to give a talk.  
T(}%e3f S`aCo u*To0]$s({ X:e:a|a
The deadline for registration and abstract submission is April 15, 2007. Abstracts (up to one page) can be submitted either in
&XMk4?PK5xHt 8~iiD)V
plain text or Word formatted. Please also indicate the presenting author and presentation type.   lZ7T%?Y\1?

,Uu Hx?+d5n Preliminary registration, registration and submission of abstracts  should be sent to e-mail: [email]epopescu@utcb.ro[/email]  
/{)g P$w O8Ii -O&mXhK/Ke
Abstracts will be printed in an abstract booklet and distributed during the conference. /j4^JU-y-rs@
l v:bXnJ]k
The registration fee is 50 Euro. It covers the conference materials, refreshments, the welcome reception and the official dinner. :bj1_ ZM'SUG8~
The hostel of Technical University of Civil Engineering offers lodging at 15-20 Euro/night for a single room. Other accommodation possibilities (** hotels at 40-50 Euro/night for a single room, ***hotels at 70-80 Euro/night) are also available and will be presented in the next announcement together with travel information.  
ahj"v@&`t,RN 1\yZ6A;@*B4Pe0lj*~
Web page: [url]http://civile.utcb.ro/ictcam/[/url] /n`6|)I/y A h
d-b.i}5Su H_X:h:Tv
Y-n0E4?Q}s Emil Popescu  
wY)OA"K2PZRuv Department of Mathematics and Computer Science  
X8?X(|e:}n Technical University of Civil Engineering
cL?E,c Bd. Lacul Tei, sector 2, 38RO-020396 Bucharest, Romania
+sX+v NqJ Tel: +(40) 21 242 12 08 ext.208 / Fax: +(40) 21 242 07 81
v*wr0oSP&o%^y1e,x#} E-mail: [email]epopescu@utcb.ro[/email]  Rfw(F"A*e7t7J+G

sf7?TE%Uu On behalf of the Organizing Committee,  
v@ sW|w | Gavriil Paltineanu  ;j)rn8h)Zu
E-mail: [email]gpalt@utcb.ro[/email]

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Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer   mb/iAM0{6fr ?
      uP#Jg B6pt!M
The aim of ICNAAM 2007 is to bring together leading scientists of the international Numerical and Applied Mathematics community and to attract original research papers of very high quality. Topics to be covered include all the research areas of Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics and all the research areas of Applied and Industrial Mathematics.   bog"lj,W${5qgq
Date:         September 16, 2007 - September 20, 2007   
E~ UPV$WZ^jUC Location:     Hotel Marbella (Agios Ioannis Peristeron), Corfu, Greece   
0{ uf*B Z Web Page:     [url]http://web.ift.uib.no/~pawel/icnaam.html[/url] ;;  %U0^)d:?z [J'l0_)d
Contact Email:     [email]Pawel.Kosinski@ift.uib.no[/email]   v9bQ@f5] z
Organizer:     Pawel Kosinski, PhD, The University in Bergen   
Q Ux7zm Deadlines:     August 31, 2007 (abstract)   
dV9?2^!PW9L Type of Event:     Conference, International    N;\5\-x7d(r _
   `r |,K~+BK
,?I,Z[uU$e%}:d +i.i:l0C6^%Z"v)P#k
Note!!!: This is the Late Call for Papers. The deadline for submitting the 3-4 pages extended abstract is August 31, 2007. The manuscripts will be published in another volume of the proceedings, available after the conference.   "^F0frD"y
Understanding fluid dynamics has been one of the major advances of mathematics, physics and engineering. Single- and multiphase flow technology is increasingly important in the energy and manufacturing industries. Heat transfer is of particular interest to engineers, who attempt to understand and control the flow of heat through the use of heat exchangers or thermal insulation, and other devices. Pollution control, pneumatic transport, combustion, development of new materials, engine design, as well as many other engineering applications will benefit from the fundamental engineering design application and research in the field. The objective of the session is to bring together scientists working on numerical and also experimental issues. They are called upon to present their research. Topics of interest include (but not limited):   .vv1h[J \r!z
•    acoustic theory   
Q"[0Q{-E0RVT U •    aerodynamics   
Bcf3q/cO}? •    aeronautics   \7Yo M S?$nk9_
•    combustion   "Rz$A#[#M
•    flow measurements   
oew&@4D,} •    hydrodynamics   R%Ufl1u7^-YeO
•    multi-phase flows   4HhNY.[ v5|
•    rheology   'tr J5ht6ac
•    energy systems   
2MH Gr4K*ztD L •    energy systems   
PN!d tn2}U_g •    refrigeration and air conditioning   
vG]/o u*S:fs •    thermophysical properties   }G"pl7[{-e
•    gas turbines   1P jv'yu,xoO;ca
Proceedings and special issues:   
2S S I,V*v){4d Extended abstracts will be published in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings   2u"uwyI X
Selected papers will be published in:   
S$W"r Vx0?gW Journal of Numerical Analysis, Industrial and Applied Mathematics   H J3vH*l$D:h
or:   'MZI%pQQ@#G
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (Wiley & Sons) Important dates:   n ~!NOP s$o x
Submission of Extended Abstract: June 1, 2007 (the deadline has passed) Late Call for Papers: August 31, 2007   W2R0B_,QOD
Notification of acceptance: June 10, 2007 (September 5, 2007 for the Late Call for Papers)   kh+Yn-n,OLO
Submission of the full paper for consideration for publication in the journals: September 30, 2007 - January 31, 2008   y|\V8eOe
Submission of papers:   
j7ll4B?D} Please send your 3-4 pages extended abstract to [email]Pawel.Kosinski@ift.uib.no[/email]   "a.VWG(z
Please visit: [url]http://www.icnaam.org/registration.htm[/url] ;;

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:51

Conference: STLL 2007: ‘Space and Time in Language and Literature' 8{ E }(V&x!mch
(Y*NJ t,`

}Ps2A;R6nOe}f{ Date: September 21-22, 2007          Location: Rijeka, CROATIA          $|t7Z^)v
Call Deadline: June 15, 2007           
U/A#l;S[\]*[ {G;_%~0[F;r5\
Convenors & Contact Persons: Linguistics: dr. Marija Maja Brala (University of Rijeka)
B5a(c*r,@ Ju T*~B*O*R)m#t
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript> \n </SCRIPT>zr;fb)PG
[email]mbrala@ffri.hr[/email]"y ~7H5?'Dz0w B?
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>
k4aZ1Ct]wP*H"K Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili Javascript&d~IKI/q M;@
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>
-g!l?K W5S&g$~
/n vEa2h?                                          Literature: dr. Lovorka Gruic-Grmusa (University of Rijeka)xN0nq,[ ]kR
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript> \n </SCRIPT>n gX(D~'X
mk6n!? k'Q <SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>
}%z9hE;{ Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili JavascriptsUw F? AwebU
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>zn8VTn2y
2Xc~8\ L"MP ez

? \[h%c
w A t{+q 4C:RRfW9v"n8s Q
Keynote speakers: dr. N. Katherine Hayles (UCLA: University of California, Los Angeles, USA): Bro~]:dK6M
,c M*z;n#ga ^Lhz l r
The Temptuous Relationship of Narrative and Data;
%e h*M#f s P'^Ms @| ^Z)ks!rS H'g
dr. Nicholas Gessler (UCLA): Intermediation and Emergent Processes in Digital Media
c~4J1SF7o4O ,u|&}q&fO+A

J1G(}1VPK STLL 2007 is aimed at providing a setting for presentations of innovative work, both theoretical and empirical, relative to the expression of time and space within natural languages. The aim is to compare and contrast the structure of spatiality and temporality both at the conceptual and at the lexical levels, and try to do so from an interdisciplinary perspective. The rationale behind the aim is that crosslinguistic and interdisciplinary approaches provide the best grounds for testing existing and drawing new hypotheses about language. Some of the linguistic themes that will be discussed are: \4D S@ a5Z/r

%Y5d })Xa0x%O'O tense, aspect and event structure; spatial/temporal structure and discourse
^nU0nJ&TY1^ AN language change in the community and across the individual lifespan b s6]_K0N$z$H
language acquisition and the timing of input; processing/acquiring spatial/temporal reference. .V.pdfw*m6GT
STLL 2007 will address the many diverse chronologies and topologies that have shaped or may one day shape our experience, identities, and (linguistic/literary) representations, both individual and collective. We shall thus review the many spatial themes that have generated intellectual and trans-cultural dialogues and critical interest:
6_3j M9k ge!U a? ~!?$i {1Zm
cultural geographies; frontiers and borders; homeland and exile; globalization and geopolitics
.J Nl*VM4y#e6l the center and its margins; canons and ‘the other'; virtual worlds of utopia, SF, or hypertext
,Z }8GI@ digital and electronic media intertwining with the 'old' medium of literature; interactions between language and code, print and electronic text, and the dialectic between representations *Z5w,\U oi#I4z,i
We shall also explore the many temporal issues on which critical debate has focused:
I L#q'g1c cz`
i8o;B;oTC8|L5H,p9C history and its periods; memory and repetition; narrativizations of time; the ‘eternal return'
;u-ez$d,g2D3Lo;hP#x simultaneity and instantaneity; temporalities of technology *[8D\;n a(X
emergence, urgence, 'presentness' and becoming; temporality and philosophy w ]h*D@H HwY p
Since time and space are not really so much conceptual opposites as they are complementary parameters of experience, we shall also merge the two and discuss:
)~.f[!]uz P7Jb/f $\/z1iu Av
the space-time of cultures, languages and aesthetic forms (including literary chronotopes)
}4}CLg*XWn topographies and histories of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, race
sP s4f&f ‘real space-time' and media time; music/image/cinema/hypertext: literature and other media
%H-w*V pzx9Ko1Fm Papers will be 20 minutes in length, followed by a 10-minute discussion. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words, and should be submitted to
o|}%nIV4m} Z
Z2`W*J~G5}B I <SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript> \n </SCRIPT> aw8X:yDi3Y
7gt4k W8u2XX!E <SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>
].viG8y{ `*vs&^#\ Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili Javascriptrk9I ?,W s
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>
8\`(vN L (linguistics) or\MXEC2R X$i
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript> \n </SCRIPT>
JU rs;`9x [email]lovorka@ucla.edu[/email]],aO/yNlb%H.lZ5\
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>
%U"z#@ n#p5V#u1ge Ova email adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili Javascript
jwmC"O*F-iU <SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript>  </SCRIPT>Tla*Wpdd
(literature) no later than June 15, 2007. Please, state your name, affiliation and contact details in the body of the message. A decision about the acceptance of papers will be made by July 1, 2007. A selection of papers will be published in a special issue of the journal ‘Views and Voices', Zagar Publ.
q[!f/@Z;|xz The registration fee for the conference is 30 euros for the general public (only attending), and 20 euros for those presenting a paper. The reduced student fee is 10 euros. The fee covers refreshments during the conference and a book of abstracts. On the afternoon of the second day of the conference a trip to the island of Krk will be organised.

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:52

The Intenational Conference on Geological Engineering in 2007 s npSY:ZO'a$O0D-hW6L
    Geological Engineering manly involves the mineral resources and environment of the earth, copes with the geo-environment by the means of modern technology of drilling and tunneling, serves for the areas of the exploration and production of the mineral resources, the design and construction of structure foundation or underground engineering, geologic hazard forecast and prevention, and deep scientific drilling.
1b(b?3g!y}     The conference will provide a forum for researchers and engineers from all over the world to exchange ideas and their new results on the theoretical studies or practical applications as well as education reforms in geological engineering.
%d&}WB#aF| ?7K l4l U%SWU
I#_ q2vz l
$C0hT[L:\:z-_ The exploration and production of the minerals resources and deep drilling methods e&_BVwH$m'k
Theory and Technology on Geologic Hazard Forecast & Prevention .eR*z.?SD `b#pq D
Underground Building Technology  'f!c%J~)vJ(U

Tm P8G4P S@-d cS
5s3ZcF#cSgS|dMf Topics
:WY4[3RD siQ j Geologic Hazard Forecast & Prevention !PH(LVTz T']
Theory and Technology on Rock and Soil Mass Prevention u&~5[;@r`"U
Exploration drilling for mineral resources and well drilling technology for other purposes
%}h-p SD1m| Continental and Ocean Scientific Drilling
+a(s2M6@7~P2n Theory and Technology on Underground Building
H)WK7CC\$gx Safety Technique on Geological Engineering ]oG'P/qOe]A
Trenchless and Underground Logistics Technology
.A!?.R-|v.j{%J'Fe Development and Education Reform on Geological Engineering $@w4i!^2bY*b0TG c4m
    Time: 10-15th October,2007, including 3 days post-congress excursions
q6}F"y5?3|?@gLw     Conference City: Wuhan,China .
}4c*bK.v3|!a Vb$h     Post-congress excursions: Three-Gorges Dam in Hubei Province, China ; ShengLongJia Nature Protection Area in Hubei Province,China.
&nih'hK;kr     Conference Language is English and Chinese. The language of report can be chosen by the reporter. The conference will manager to show slides in both languages of Chinese and English at same time.
1_ X"h*njQ
j\@"z W     The conference seeks the papers reflecting recent advances in the fields list above. The author of Chinese Mainland must submit two manuscripts which are in English and in Chinese; the author of other country and Regions just submit paper in English. The lengths of accepted English manuscript should no more than 6 pages (16K), abstract 300 words.
Md&fJm+L1i     Please submit paper to conference special mail box by E-MAIL:IGE_2006@cug.edu.cn
.tp4h_F4b H1x     Accepted papers will be published by a famous publishing company.
7s TB+\'kk!~Z:a     Conference will not take charge in translating and collating. That is the author's affair hiring experts or company to interpret paper.
Y/I+a0s*l h TB     Accepted papers will be sent for publication only after the payment of published fee ¥800 yuan.
]4_5X9M zi8Se3t8D G:]     The deadline for receipt of papers: 1st September,2007./O:D]4C:b3~5r@R+g

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:52

关于举办2007年中国国际比较生理、生化及毒理学大会暨第六届中国生理学会比较生理学学术会议的通知 R0]3MV"g2Av2r
(2007年10月10-14 中国 杭州 浙江大学) &T Z3tc \na0Kf(u
International Conference of Comparative Physiology,Biochemistry, and Toxicology & 6th Chinese Comparative Physiology Conference
'A7f:Drkw"Oa0f (2007.Oct.10-14. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou,China)
.^5o!}hFgsTk3n-V 2K:}a)cG#z

:iBNg$HcnH *@"D+vPCe&oY
    8D w.z.f}){#kK&R2T#f
        #w"@ lZ}8Ay

:k!^ D.@,~9M    L8z-Ny(}[g
  2007年比较生理学和环境毒理学大会议暨第六届中国生理学会比较生理学学学术会议由中国生理学会比较生理学会、CBP杂志社和Elsevier出版公司联合主办浙江大学承办的国际学术会议,并联合召开中国第六届比较生理学学术会议。旨在促进中国和国际比较生理学、生物化学和毒理学的学术交流,推动我国科学家与国际科学家的合作,提高我国相关学科研究水平。大会邀请了国际著名科学家讲演, 大会就以下六个学术专题召开研讨会,分口头报告和板报展示。热烈欢迎我国从事比较生理学、个体生态生理学、比较内分泌学、水产与海洋生物学和环境毒理学研究和教学人员及学生参加。0b].g&P3|)a:B
-TB]2[U1~+y;W tb   会议地点:浙江省 杭州市 浙江大学 紫金港校区国际会议中心
T{-[_O'Jy;W 二、主办单位:
M6D)c1H+} '|YgCnI*Y
_?t6`wsk3M   国际比较生物化学和生理学杂志(CBP)
:eh@E'DI Y&_   Elsevier出版公司
-Q H Gz g:\   浙江大学K.r"~c;jPg
'm Ln/P~.PX 五、赞助单位:
"S1b/o[#u3|(V'} ZB%b
^)S!K ](M3axtH   浙江大学J0D6fl:~l
Dz)I%v2A8DWJ   国际比较生物化学和生理学杂志(CBP)
7VR!j(@U0{ I3}QT   Elsevier出版公司 ([modf9l&z6V
  国际铜业协会 W(y*k {.Z
Y8awbbX/l 2@ Jc-L+p0[n%]!m7m5Y
  1) 环境毒理学的比较研究
!_r}*Aal;g A/zF y   2) 环境低氧(Hypoxia)5x9S/jT;V2w#\
  3) 比较神经内分泌与行为 $I] Vo_#H
  4) 渗透压调节、酸碱平衡、呼吸和代谢 *T|wp.G/UAa
  5) 环境可持续性:水产业、物种入侵和生物多样性
)h%P3?aP#}(kp m   6) 比较基因组学和蛋白质组学#[x [Cq.]L
七、会议注册:ma LZp'Q:]0wG

X)Ve,e H} @U   中国专家注册费为700人民币,学生和博士后的注册费为400人民币。2007年6月1日开始注册,2007年7月15日前注册者,中国:700元/人,学生 400 /人(包括注册费,资料费),之后注册者,中国:800元/人,学生和博士后为500元/人。8月15日截止。凡交费后欲取消注册者,与9月30日前通知者可以退还注册费50%,以后不再退还,但可以持原交费人委托书换人参加会议。也欢迎不递交摘要者注册并参加会议讨论,欢迎和会议专业相关的公司前来参加会议展览(有意向的公司请和会务组老师联系[email]chewyg@zju.edu.cn[/email]/myangmail@163.com)。
mA4go#~1u}9V 八、征文要求和摘要递交:8DoT? ~8rBX
  2007年9月以前未发表的或未在国际学术会议中作为专题报告或研究论文的研究工作。 中国与会人员递交中文和英文摘要各一份(专题报告和选出部分英文摘要将在大会CBP杂志上出版)。h;Y.G.Vwv5md
-sW+v| i8D%bl([9e   英文摘要:长度在1000字内,摘要应包括目的、方法、结果(主要资料)、结论四部分。摘要排列顺序依次为文题、作者姓名、单位名称、邮政编码、摘要、3~5个关键词。最后请注明通讯作者的电话和电子邮件地址。格式:文题(12磅黑体),空一行,作者姓名、单位名称、邮政编码(11磅),空一行,摘要正文(10磅),空一行,关键词(10磅),通讯作者的电话和电子邮件地址(10磅),不超过一页4A纸大小,页边距25mm。Q'p,E"p'H[|
  2007年6月1日开始,7月15日截止。递交摘要至:浙江大学 医学院生理系 陈学群 张阳 [email]chewyg@zju.edu.cn[/email]/ [email]myangmail@163.com[/email];请使用Word软件编辑,并以电子文档形式递交。请递交摘要者自留底稿,来稿恕不退还。审稿费:50元/每个摘要,遴选出的摘要和专题报告将在CBP杂志上刊登,不再收取版面费。请在递交摘要时同时汇出, 并填写电子版注册表返回。$F4ro?0~%r0Nl U

}b|4Dp Q6m 汇款地址: 浙江杭州310058 余杭塘路388号 浙江大学 紫金港校区 医学院生理系 17号信箱 陈学群
;b-X BMdqZ 5yd `+yu }
九、凡参加大会的青年学者(≤35岁, 第一作者)论文可以参加优秀论文评选活动,并奖励优秀论文获得者。
@ e#js^yD6vPR 十、参加大会的代表住宿交通费用自理。c*R? DG

.M` H j2Zj8` 联 系 人:陈学群 yL9vlROl:u
电子邮件:[email]chewyg@zju.edu.cn[/email], [email]mymail@zju.edu.cn[/email]

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:52

9th International Conference on
"S-WGe0| g&P,J%^ Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment y$T6\dYL2I

O4V:b.RC Abstracts List  Abstract Submission  Paper Submission  Paper Status ?{~yed8M:ctb5x

v!Q AUtW#k
I)_6T/f:Eji!^H4B!l Paper Submission: ( Pleast login first. )
n*j_]&kD[@}8l Paper Code:    Password:      $t1r4y2S A,BaQ Y

{f \ p1Ls%ia.r Paper State: ( Pleast login first. )
)k Q?fit7? Paper Code:    Password:      Iv^.vu `
r z lH%eC(qs

_t!~'zW} Y|qf3M About ESIA9 1eV{)s%pMJ
!b gw:Du/W4\7[
The Deadline for Registration for Authors with papers has been Extended to 25th September 2007. Please register before this final deadline,if any author has difficulties to meet the deadline, please contact the ESIA9 Secretariat to make special arrangement. Papers without registration will not be included in the conference Proceedings. Delegates without papers can register anytime.
$Ag|ys+A { haUXlB6e p?'AX
Engineering Structural Integrity - Research, Development and Application"a!z(f!oH$~M
*T!dT[A+b e,Lo
15th to 19th October 2007/YRc@2o-U
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, China  
%Z2H j2Px1SX3Gw1] ac!]:Ob:YX
This is the ninth in a series of international conferences on the topic of Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment (ESIA9). The Conference is now established as a major forum for dissemination and discussion amongst industrial, academic and regulatory bodies in this field. It addresses all aspects of this multi-disciplinary subject including the status of assessment technologies and methodologies in relation to operating plant, structures and components. The peer-reviewed conference papers will be collected in the ESIA9 Conference Proceedings (ISTP indexed). The Scientific Committee of ESIA9 will select and recommend some of the conference papers, based on the quality, to the appropriate SCI indexed Journals for publication.
JX'v6R!`o\ :tdL5}L~J
Theme"R d4ES0zO

L9R.L#N GI The continued safe and reliable operation of structures and components across industry sectors offers considerable economic advantages to manufacturers, operators and society at large.  For example, integrity and reliability issues arise during service and require effective maintenance action, whilst, as plant approaches the normal design life, intelligent management of life extension can yield considerable commercial benefit.  In addition, the design, manufacture and operation of new plant should incorporate the lessons learned on engineering integrity and apply the new techniques and methodologies developed.
)J.cx ?C~DG2KO
/GEIK3z"uZ3J-X)z This 9th International Conference will be based around the theme of “Research, Development and Application” and will  show how outputs from recent research and development can lead to improved management of the integrity of structures and components with associated  enhancement in safety and economic and sustainability benefits.  It will:#@S7a(@j
examine current needs in terms of throughlife management concepts; strategies and methodologies; regulatory requirements; economic benefits and societal impact. 9O3E|W,p#~#o~
address provision through development and deployment of condition evaluation and assessment tools; integration into methodologies and their application to throughlife management, both deterministically and probabilistically based; operational challenges of life cycle management for newly designed plant i `QWn]w\
consider case histories demonstrating the applicability to specific plant problems to the improved life management of existing and new structures and components, will be particularly welcome
RYr cS consider all major industry sectors – energy, transport, process and civil engineering&WY5cr(AH
The programme for the submission of papers will be:
b wE2fa2N-|)}TO)s 4x&[{Y3\ a9j
First Announcement – May 2006!i$qs"C eZ(D,Q
l K.R;v?4EG,f1SY U
Second Announcement – July 2006TR:cz N l]h N/]
Call for Papers – September 2006(S4b%fuf0g1["nrT'r
Submission of Abstracts – 31 January 2007
#v)Tt.r2y:nE 'k6Q S2sVi9v
Approval of Abstracts – 28 February 2007xp5B\r
$u~m0D%?U y
Submission of Full Paper for review – 30 April 2007!Jw'X|8l]+^

#Q QTU Q Final agreed version of paper – 30 June 2007 o&sA b6]9G4zD \_
,H7yEj gY&w
In addition, there will be a full accompanying persons programme with opportunities to visit the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City."CHcN1O Q
There will be an exhibition hall available for those who are interested in displaying their products. There are various Conference Events to be sponsored including Conference itself, Conference Cocktail Evening (Reception dinner), Conference Dinner, and Conference handouts (bags, pens). $t U?7y FU L1_

u*A$y*Dkn7Z If you wish to express an interest in submitting a paper, attending the conference, exhibiting products or sponsoring conference Events, please e-mail either Professor Sujun Wu at [email]ESIA9@buaa.edu.cn[/email]  or  Poul Gosney at [email]fesi@fesi.org.uk[/email]

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:53

会议名称(中文): 广东省机械工程学会机械设计与生产工程分会2007年学术研讨会 5o8H)q2[q1b%q
所属学科: 机械工程   I's0h^9q M&mZ
会议类型: 国内会议  
ia2i5R?*I{ 开始日期: 2007-12-12 Lldy`8w3jR f
结束日期: 2007-12-14
/o8@2cQ? kj 所在国家: 中华人民共和国  T|/WC&N-jy
所在城市: 广东省   广州市  
o5\H,?&g#BA1} 主办单位: 广东省机械工程学会,广东省机械工程学会机械设计与生产工程分会 u9l e)a1SH
协办单位: 华南理工大学,广东工业大学,《机电工程技术》编辑部 *d(`"B a(w[
承办单位: 广东省机械工程学会机械设计与生产工程分会
#LI0l5T!Kq;LO2L&i {p;i 议题: 面向现代制造的先进设计方法 0`z Qm+m tt:sw
[ 组织结构 ] U'{7N J%|
会议主席: 徐宏佳 张伯霖 jUdb+Z3`3Z u
组织委员会主席: 阎秋生 /N!g`r Z.J x"k*l*^
程序委员会主席: 司徒
w/Y"~P^r-{ [ 重要日期 ]
Q(ynP m8\py 全文截稿日期: 2007-9-15 'TZ1o/qoi2cC
[ 会务组联系方式 ] !nM T8V"L%I
联系人: 王明和 ,a]|/V&R]{uvS
联系电话: :(020)39322711(0),38457689(H)
I/kk$|CWkb\:^n(t E-mail: [email]wangmh@gdut.edu.cn[/email]
!z5t"O1p5D 通讯地址: 广州市番禺区广州大学城外环西路100号,广东工业大学科技处
|};cCb1n$]Q 邮政编码: 510006
^bzgFD 会议网站: [url]http://www.cmes.org/cmes/index.jsp[/url] 1l j;[1^^8r4}n
4D!RMoOo&i,aU} ~    “广东省机械工程学会机械设计与生产工程分会2007年学术研讨会”将于2007年12月12~14日在广州市举行,届时将有来自全省各地的专家、学者、企业家与会交流,切磋先进设计方法与现代制造技术,并邀请知名专家、学者作大会主题报告,综述当今各主要前沿研究领域的最新研究成果和发展动态。(b['s UM Uho
  本次大会征文范围涵盖先进设计方法、现代制造技术从理论到应用与生产工程的主要领域:~r#K)z4A O1MW
.BV2[RCV*B:S   现代设计理论及方法
#si ~Mhn9@   先进设计手段在产品设计中的应用
H,G~Axd b Q   面向21世纪的绿色设计绿色制造Bs5H2s$m[*L
C5N*bh&i @ x QN   面向新产品的反求设计 -y _Wu\4X5@K
B-A!RF2`   光机电一体化技术 @p1R-cQwR2A,m
qAi1X SGl   制造系统自动化 !Vz1S'`9w ?B)u|
  特种加工技术 )l,Au8V1|p
GHr[m   届时将组织上述各领域的论文分组报告会、专题研讨会、技术讲座及技术参观。  C0u8do0Aan
征文范围及要求: X d y4L9dt
    (1) 论文内容提倡实用性、创新性和前瞻性,论文主要内容未曾在正式出版物上发表过。
},P\L7LL|2lK1bM   (2) 论文篇幅不超过5000字(含图表所占篇幅)。摘要不超过200字。论文要求用计算机激光打印,文字、符号、公式、计量单位必须符合规范。b$[?4^q5V6?7Xl5J8s
  (3) 每篇论文报送一份打印件(附光盘),并写明作者姓名、工作单位、地址(包括邮政编码)、联系电话(办公、家庭)、E-mail、传真号码。/J9qfMY%Y/E @/g
  (4) 投稿截止日期:2007年9月15日(ZZ@'`A$j_y,Ht
  (5) 论文用挂号寄、版面费通过邮局汇款 :(510006)广州市番禺区广州大学城外环西路100号  广东工业大学科技处 王明和收p iT0}X!](|8GRL4]
  电子邮箱:[email]wangmh@gdut.edu.cn[/email]w/G)T0M \
  (6) 经会议组委会与《机电工程技术》(中国核心期刊、国内外公开发行)杂志社协商,准备把此次学术研讨会论文安排在《机电工程技术》2007年第第11期中发表。因此,各位论文作者在寄出论文时,需要在《机电工程技术》杂志发表的论文,请同时交纳论文版面费600元/篇。论文版面费发票开会时由杂志社开,未被录用论文的版面费将原款退回。  2n,Z;H,D#aJ1n

9nP(B)ot {h"^6pE \PJa$wp(ZEp

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:53

会议名称 The 12th WSEAS International Conference on APPLIED MATHEMATICS (MATH'07 - II)   blN6f'_{3a
会议类型 International Congress "iihnW s+^l7@
会议学科 数学 WA| YZ
[rX0Js+K N 会议时间 December 29-31, 2007 -]gs^)`4`I$k3Fw|f
会议地点 Cairo, Egypt H8y!}@ c_AG
会议主办 WSEAS, WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics,  WSEAS Transactions on Systems, WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems, WSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics, WSEAS Transactions on Fluid Mechanics, WSEAS transactions on Heat and Mass Transfer, WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing, WSEAS Transactions on Computer Science, WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, WSEAS Transactions Biology and Biomedicine 0PHF^0P#Z
会议承办  Qu u#w+G@%y+A
会议协办 the WSEAS IWG (International Working Group) on Dynamical Systems and Control, the WSEAS IWG on Numerical Analysis, the WSEAS IWG on Differential Equations, the WSEAS IWG on Computational and Engineering Mathematics, the WSEAS IWG on Mathematical Physics yr$c0A8C
会议主席 Prof. Sherif Sabry
-v}p:QA(vJTiPq;V Prof. Hamed Nassar
2ZdwF;t3TYR t Prof. Dr. Salwa#~B/{,`4o'oFK
Prof. Mehrdad (Mark) Ehsani w\ XbLD*A!N

0r:I5B'T S 会议投稿 截稿日期:SEPTEMBER 30, 2007
^j#\;?7U)c 会议网站 [url]http://wseas.org/conferences/2007/egypt/math/[/url] n#Kl7K\.Ufs^3E
会议联系 E_mail:  [email]info@wseas.org[/email]  
%B$LXD ? Z4zq@%`v 会议相关  科研中国—会议频道  [url]http://conf.sciei.com[/url] D|-X%zH8U
会议备注  详情请到官方网站查询,本信息仅做参考

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:53

2008中美材料国际研讨会~ t Uy h\${)O

XY8Xm!a0@9`k MRS InternationalMaterials Research Conference (IMRC 2008)
[s5s,Ab_xQ mW
B-z!EKg^3A [url]www.mrs.org/imrc2008[/url]#o8ixL8P3e m

%dj;xTH TheMaterials Research Society (MRS) andChineseMaterials Research Society (C-MRS) announce a new joint international conference and exhibit— I8[$Qk9bo

2G4~i7o4{0s ^:X2b
.QS,] }:Ot!?
2xB1}g\ Join us for this premier 4-day event, as leading researchers from around the world meet in China to share ideas … further dialog … and forge new interdisciplinary partnerships in the exciting and expanding fields of:'`.lVEy2V
*v!X}+_a W
• Sustainable EnergyMaterials
-RIO o(c.w8g
,I2PQ)\6Q • Eco/EnvironmentalMaterials
-L,O2k_{Dvs*^#S L~)F+PnK Ar3T
• DisplayMaterials
` | q)y"s+U
7U,sH@P9Q*e&i)x'z • PackagingMaterials
d,xj9?J(E IER9k Fmier,S#b)C[K8Z
• Functional Ceramicsu!d,`g D8~v$sH[:T,U

pQ1^X a • Biomaterials0kN$Q7ViKd+@ E

c?5p0y5M+i'J\4aP •MagnesiumMaterials'as7g8h n%`

|!Y%E2P+v{1cH;j • TransportationMaterials
eBiKu+m • ElectronicMaterials
%W }*]Y'S)a
*@;s)i&t S5Uk V Dr. PaulC.W.Chu/LnJ1u%vkY
V%K}v.w*J1\ HongKongUniversity of{$v#PK+u1MR.{5l

P/|T-}(hK Science and Technology
I }M$| q5u$d'X*l
^ ?,ys:s6e!Q-]vlt ClearWater Bay,HongKongf$W!Zh P'`
1a,og7E)KX&G pr!u4Q\8{ O6u
Texas Center for SuperconductivityF7C"I8}0A VQf

#z#i#@/^:wyg University ofHoustonU6{ e.g(y(l8}

p#] i4R|V2PK 202Houston ScienceCenterwS~` w^8p

,sraMR|f Houston, TX77204-5002
}cA Y"B%P6`9W dliaZ(h
E-mail: [email]tchristensen@uh.edu[/email] or
BVT0\/eD Y+P [email]wmcheung@ust.hk[/email]
J!O.Ja'V.@ A#j
!gR*RAF8uZ6q Tel: 1-852-2358-6114 (USA: 1-713-743-8222)Bm q Qp;h

7CU.U)?'kmx#bu] k Fax: 1-852-2358-0029 (USA: 1-713-743-8201)
IG-e,Z|:Q EricGarfunkel{;\(| I6{ J#j5c
;xQ3Hd;D g(D
tGrT:f{U9S{8Im [Tn:J2~2D
Departments ofChemistry and Physics(y Z+?(?JE{Lq
\_'s4E R-e p3mO
610 Taylor Rd
x r&I,R5x
j5ZY/S w![X Piscataway,NJ 08854-8087FUt"zF1I;K8{A
-Y6HJ'b(y vARl4["O
E-mail: [email]egarf@rci.rutgers.edu[/email]\2]iV#V+Gn'F

\)G^W d&l Q&ht Tel: 1-732-445-2747
f,?"OEq'Q {?(@,@7T^3B^
Fax: 1-732-445-5312!f l"}1]!m h

3WPay"E-Y@$i-k5Gt3P Sung-suHan]:_+U}s&Wrh_E

1z EWX8qR] Director
S ByM!R$` O)M{ AdvancedDetector Systems ]w9|7P)K'O)u.f3Y
U? s+St4\gw
RadiationMeasurement&Security Instruments9V0q1b5jC0f

r!iAU wE'{"X0B Thermo Fisher Scientific8T'Sby z"e

AFV ~;ke 1 Thermal FisherWayc3tDG0d n:w
Oakwood Village,OH 441466`(}5_8nSlI9R$K
E-mail: [email]sung.han@thermofisher.com[/email]
7`4w$C1H Ryf
f]z'A4} Yafang Han
"FFXc~1sA1d&I0B"} Beijing Institute ofvqk}7|"URa
gg4VPC_ g
PO Box 81-30
T%gz7h3_ !x/{9S8T3p
100095 Beijing, China
PF9F!C(| U"a E-mail: [email]yfhan@buaa.edu.cn[/email]A!bW^Jg
8NIG]/jb n
Tel: +86-106-245-1667
*q MR1O*{ Fax: +86-106-245-6212
K(Ami _,a
NQj)[0g3t!T!K*Kc&B To complement the conference, a manufacturer’s exhibit area will feature the latest innovative products, services and solutions for the globalmaterials science and engineering communities. For information on exhibit opportunities, contactMary Kaufold at [email]kaufold@mrs.org[/email]. For more information on IMRC 2008, visit or sign up forMaterials360 (formerly eMatters), a FREE bimonthly electronic newsletter published by theMaterials Research Society, at [url]www.mrs.org/alerts.[/url] Interim inquiries may also be directed to:*A5Uo&F%Ug:q4x
;U ?hWy3\
Patricia Hastings R-P2qPIJt
S.vXvX@!d f;g._,`
Director ofMeeting Activities5j@n#q`2E&LEBN1z

{3q(d U4l bfS Materials Research Society'qz?z&y{

6} B/jB;|(k8fZ8hXx*v 506 Keystone Drive RQ3~N3e5Dpa(_E

,~R `$TV-k Warrendale, PA 15086 USAp nNF*K fs

nPR5_^m E-mail: [email]hastings@mrs.org[/email]L&[v#d-a(e`Zf

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3z ]7k)K%d,V Fax: 1-724-779-8313
1H(b#h i:RD5f4j^ DVz^;b]VO
1r t,qGR9H+[!M
Jianyun Lin
h@6{9qXQ%OI-T,EH.SC yU A'C2w?.ay_
Director, International Liaison and Project Department YkGH4iF2Z
ChineseMaterials Research Society
K9k p4O~^ $d&[wa#FqFi#r6a
Room 4102, No. 62, Zizhuyuan RoadaA2n/q XzX N

J,e4z/PE x Beijing, P.R. China 100044
+p+i'w#}!DKK Fa Email: [email]lincmrs@126.com[/email].hyI+AqI]:}4C1eY
7]&j;C-j y[~
Tel: +86-10-88510496 X306[}JI)hY$j"Z%o3t

5T}qIx5vPg Fax: +86-10-68722033Ny nK(lD

t pv5l(nB7h:Q w5P 更多信息参见:[url]http://www.c-mrs.org.cn/huiyi/huiyi_info.asp?id=179[/url]

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4kH&T.`9G l%C    M-fX.^T+hQ"W
[ 会议基本信息 ] C/Bo_P b3\
会议名称(中文): 2007全国高分子学术论文报告会 ;Lo1h Lcu)_(GN
会议名称(英文):  3t~i0O N*RFDB
所属学科: 化学   h9Ug:dgK_

.~%J!l!X3ea 会议类型: 国内会议   o2iW!RHv/A)xd8Z
会议论文集是否检索: 不详  
!jb1dVaWWx 开始日期: 2007-10-9 [8|:vfAl+j`
结束日期: 2007-10-13
B,v%~^1{;x N'c 所在国家: 中华人民共和国  
Z"U a(uI 所在城市: 四川省   成都市  -wgu+QT(OH:m8E
具体地点: 成都国际会议展览中心 K9T5~cX;s X.p I$e%R
主办单位: 中国化学会高分子学科委员会
_2]8\qct 协办单位:  %`h-gm6X w~
承办单位: 四川大学高分子材料工程国家重点实验室
ye'NDx(i0~1|\ 议题:  ~-znJ ?~
[ 组织结构 ] 8QT,k'sH e1LV+D
x.c;R/P%R c 组织委员会主席:  )[;H`!|&FZ.]b
5R!q!m8Yx 会议嘉宾:
5\C*x3wOP2O [ 重要日期 ]
^ f5OG&c| E{s 摘要截稿日期:  
Me%?!AK,XJ!u ^ 全文截稿日期: 2007-6-30
E1|ryt;MJ5N3xs 论文录用通知日期JbQe/u;@4Y%|#H
2007-7-15 f#a!W F"^ ?G#Z8L
交修订版截止日期:  )dIP*t%|OP
[ 会务组联系方式 ]
+f]8W:Pv,x 联系人: 熊 英 4v2m$KjL"|']'@
联系电话: 028-85405132  
?#k/~.R^ 传真: 028-85402465 R C hh5x XCH5O
E-mail: [email]sklpme@scu.edu.cn[/email]
T])^PvT(W}%{} 通讯地址: 成都市一环路南一段24号 四川大学高分子材料工程国家重点实验室2007年全国高分子学术论文报告会秘书组
yU9L3l-\,tbjz 邮政编码: 610065
}$]#a}.X[S(H#\ 会议新闻(共0条新闻):  
*Bs f q G`2X.[ _c+aSnhU H
会议注册费:  0{9A ^Hg7E Z E7A
会议网站: [url]http://www.polymer.cn/polymer2007/index.asp[/url] 7y nMO-D*}/}2j {
会议背景介绍: 由中国化学会高分子学科委员会主办,高分子材料工程国家重点实验室(四川大学)、四川大学高分子科学与工程学院及四川大学高分子研究所承办的全国高分子学术论文报告会将于2007年10月9 -13日在成都举行,这是中国高分子界学者的一次盛会。热烈欢迎全国各地和海外的高分子学者踊跃参加本次学术论文报告会。?uc3Jv5k
$[G+Y n%qk$U9W 主题A 聚合反应及新型聚合物的合成
%@g``7T#lpI|+F 主题B 高分子结构、表征与性能X a iz']
主题C 高分子材料成型加工新理论、新技术]j T&J~N"~
主题D 微纳米材料和技术
%A0jo!QU:A+hR 主题E 功能高分子和生物医用高分子
kd7OM6d 主题F 天然高分子及环境友好高分子材料8H Hz.r)M4e-V
主题G 高分子改性、共混与复合*\PM H^fO8ze6N
主题H 高分子与工业
!geIjLJ$a-v4_9sx*^:Y 主题I  高分子与教育  
E6Q,aNO%~ 征文范围及要求: 无

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:54


zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:54

字数太多 回复两贴。
International Conference on
w+y etP7g Ysv
$|P T!t9CM-O b~ @:T Space Information Technology)N/@}r8B%f2?)n

'm%MH*c$a p (10-11 November 2007 Wuhan, China)
!HSapQ7nau (First Announcement and Call for Papers)@6~` b+d2N0F
%_hL#`0N0si p W7a
Sponsored by
JqbTN7lYx h2j{4x7M@x9b2|
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
$kLp#T#Tf B Z
!TO4|Tv COw6I the 2nd Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
/}/]+J u;zQ!Qb0];@ "e9_%p:hID R-YOl
Co-sponsored by
~!Bsuj3m*G+@ @,e'~
q.wskS.GU,H The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC){f/|)[\ }I
Chinese Academy of Space TechnologyA8t4N7@$Y.t8U

iC.h {.RA%K China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
s'~ ^ Z6aO(|G#g l"r#pb9mt\$b#Q
the 3nd Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
`Z9I`7^qe the 8th Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Fg DBGk*Q (bfxo3L9p7uK
Unmanned aircraft society of Chinese Society of Astronautics
@5K8hk4@@ KI v3g ~g2q/r0N I ?
National University of Defense Technology
?U\D0lg Harbin Institute of Technology
4m2kZ{_&_XG Tsinghua University.`.@G \$J0x;~
;`1m;g'ZHN k#R
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
|"X9} w(\ `P ` n)ChDp1y1k `
Northwestern Polytechnical University/v a k1C.D3I6U:b)[`

'M'a7E1F4f }&g%Z)p(]0r University of Electronic Science and Technology of Chinar#V}z8c
1Q o&b8A4g

w Q'Mo`-H9NdB"r Organized and Managed by
!Y0C,y6NG.C/Y Huazhong University of Science and Technology\HSk r{8|H
$g*z+j6U5\ \0is4kR
[url]http://www.hust.edu.cn[/url] Tf{wQK/d
JO9x8P g#l&`sJ!Ne

O^.? _9n!yJ Dear colleagues and friends:
aSO9Xn?p ZM]O%]3ps?|
We are very pleased and honored to organize the 2nd International Conference on Space Information Technology (ICSIT) Nov 10-11, 2007 Wuhan, China.
X)hp Zyob .P+\9d8Dkv&Ra
This conference will bring together the world’s leading experts in the emerging fields of spatial information technology to present their most recent work and provide a collegial atmosphere for the scientific discussion of the latest advances in the field.
{J)lWM,a5K aFb;VoE!R C
C2Ruw sgS1R;y
/g u7M/o5o7\B|
Two-day conference includes symposia, oral and poster sessions:$O x k!A j,m@
□ Symposia will include invited speakers (domestic and international) to give 45 minutes presentations
@\ d5ubjH
q;v2S,rc6_L □ Oral presentations will be organized around each symposium and included a series of 15 minutes’ regular oral presentations ]I p Fa
%f(O uy[!tp cf
□ Poster viewing sessions will be held for academic communion.
iV%y r2N
:s7G t o{Zs/V It is our great pleasure to invite and welcome you to Wuhan for the conference in Nov 2007.
:T*{Jdcs*E;k#]w7I] 6C!yNID

S7}r,de(QH{5J5x 4]"Wd7?CZ$c
Sincerely yours,_3c]f-V t t(N
6W oq3w9R.vl e.N

;Gxo3O0^*~x2c Wang Cheng (Prof.)`/{5n!x7D

*j)sX9i7c4d| General Chair, ICSIT;O1u%v&?*L Y
e8SO A)^*|].WD
Huazhong University of Science and Technology!?6wrk Jf6F5^
y"lH i0_WF~|

4[XneM V1?2P(q3P
Topics of interest include but not limited to:
0M4UL6Y$qC&l5Y4U g G bv V
1.        Space communications network theory and technology|.Q%m b1H-h

u RH7{,ksI 1)        Space optical communication $pW tMYj
2)        Space quantum communication &qd8eJ*{&rcnQV(?FZ
6Xx!b6e7P z },~'jo
3)        Space internet]9F |)i5\
w!g}4s${` p$X2S
4)        THz wave space communication 7JU~n1Z8O
.]#X{1a o
5)        Space UWB communication
WqXzWE'l mo(^+A.O
6)        Satellite constellation and formation flying (w xM7rt9o
7)        Space information network and system8FZ;~7KI

o@|{ TGu 2.        Spacecraft payload
~7e uD1jVk'p;s0\
!t0H#~e2b MQ 1)        Spacecraft broadband multimedia technology A!v4RhFNw5M5H F
-N@.\0K H-Mcf(~ L
2)        On-Board Signal processing
[j R7J3q
m,HB!v6{)qt_A 3)        Distributed payload technology
%}2C z%[DD-qG "R hBzZ5}Y'd l7I
4)        High-rate data compression, storage and transmission
5qR$c hs7S,B!eS0r 3.        Earth observation and navigation 'yASYFO cqWp
1)        Space-based comprehensive observation kaQVj-Gb

L|*sC@,Zx? 2)        Advanced remote sensing technology
x;X [@4Q vo9B 3)        On-Board target detection and identification~ FI&WX?

+u!j9G5u$@ 4)        Theory and technology in satellite navigation and positioning;|MY-PPw-w x!qn

-\7b3Lb_{-w#u 5)        Navigation and positioning based on Pulsars 2Z L[2fb u{
6)        Autonomous navigation and positioning in deep space
x8dwwSf{3s2wm g#XTV`
7)        New concept navigation and positioning
e7B!jBe:d-S5Zo YS4YG:tKP%k
4.        Deep-space exploration and communication B8l.iI {wl\

5MN+u`'MzcEOo@ 1)        Theory and technology in deep-space exploration & communication
kaCr,T/AF Py Nd e2CvA
2)        Modeling and simulation technology of the exploration system in deep-space
!?d k |CL^vVrc
8V.z&~(J Vk'?)|/C"Zv%{Q 3)        Communication Network of deep-space data
_-GyP n ]x 4)        Theory and technology for Moon exploration & communication
QY d*q5? (Ijcx)^`
5.        Safety and Protection for Space information system8zZ(He`\E0[2\\
1)        Survival for space information system
6rE f9J:^4i$j
#~+NkLs 2)        Surveillance of space object
!B8~~.N3{ 3)        Advanced mechanism and method for long life and high reliability of the spacecraft%tH{H,k5W
4)        Applications of space information tactical !l7n+`BDA1zN
5~4EMC e3_\L$wM
6.        Space information system and applicationC&V @3i5Gt} xq2G-t

*[*OZjNp P }g#E 1)        Satellite communication system
{/i5{#L H!s
6~u]c#aGng 2)        Satellite navigation and positioning system
z~w NcAd-V'~ *M X/ZU,m_e
3)        General technology for the software-navigation User Receiver
;Uul.c,u.?!v -B-XR/HX8C
4)        GPS/GALILEO/BD combinative system
ycn8G`&A5P k9C&d!x!M/z
5)        Space data warehouse
5W U~-B:Le-yz6iL 6)        Geo-spatial information system
Ba*AhO&` ~L
9T DN!X{1^(g 7)        Other applications
vQ*IL)v#c @&ou
t`1on}X7{d,B -H!j[9F-L,wb

Z3f4R"A;q3M:m Call for papers
nUWG l.|$\8al*U Fq Prospective authors are invited to submit a 400-600 words abstract in English before 20 April, 2007. In case of joint authorship the contact author should be indicated. At least one author is required to attend the conference to present the paper. All papers should be submitted electronically to Secretariat for ICSIT. Selected authors will be invited to submit a 4-6-page manuscript to be published by SPIE, which will be indexed by EI.

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:55

Technical Committee"@!jnm3e
General Chair:ui4c6Sb'n \,U-b)kR
,^D;C \B
Wang Cheng (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China C so_G~

tNy"RSC General Co-Chair:
irV'M7w9^ Lmn O gMOju~!E6c
Don M. Flournoy (Prof.), Ohio University, USA
7}2c ?s?j(w Yd0@s2D^^*|%a

C#C x FO"d5uj%ka+x ;rx4A'^g Yg;}
Program Committee:i`h$c`s4z
$J }O6} |*HH
{$`'G\&b-a Zhong Shan (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China6z4SS5e x2@(F
Co-Chair: hO2U,Qx'j!]$jr
G. I. Chesnokov (Prof.), The Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics, Russion
p+O9Hio*m h$k uo ?C @$f
7eo(? r%I6y"D1}
hS} ^9a
Members:3z`O ^^h+zgS`
A. P. Cracknell (Prof.), University of Dundee, UK
S{y2dw.l w;|U
r f:{zA B Dai Guanzhong (Prof.), Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
#_6n9nS-R,q"Y3K+y{ 0fW7lb;SY"[A
David Goodenough (Prof.), University of Victoria, Canada
U'B[C| D/En #aL9YH%_
F. G. Yuan(Prof.),North Carolina State University,USA
E8e [d0`,o QB'h Gu xuemai (Prof.), Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Bp!o z+xQ)[M c@"u z,Q#G$x9@g
Hermann Rohling (Prof.), Hamburger University, Germany
7pu6WCh Hu Xiulin (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, ChinaG'LGye W

/w K ]8vc Huang Ruisong (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 3nd Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China
4p f)zmUx Jean-Fran&ccedil;ois Kaufeler (Prof.), ONERA, France
6@m1}f1F ` EXG \-LPcC;i
Jiang bin (Prof.), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong KongN S;DeWYu
Jiang Jinshan (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Center for Space Science and applied Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
w9n$hG'x {'?hL9F2_
John S. Baras (Prof.), University of Maryland, USA
QFW.X,x Li Bohu (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 2nd Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China
'BTa#LPL}/t Li Lemin (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China4qv x|/~w hX*Z z
;w$j n+IcQ
Li Shikun (Prof.), National University of Defense Technology, China_#Oxs3nP
@0B f/m?,s_ cd
Li Wei (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chinadob ui@
eMntK} N`k KW X
Liang Jincai (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 8th Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China/Y*I0zXeWL

3~ e4Z/o YG Liu Qiang (Prof.), Chinese Academy of Space Technology, China.CQG3u!SC;A

n wL%xF1C Ma Shijun (Prof.), Chinese Academy of Space Technology, China
FM,n[A ^ @ ]L V&~#@M
Martti T. Hallikainen (Prof.), Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
F5j5d1W:gu/\ C 3[Y]5KUk+Ug.i/T6P
Michael Goodchild (Prof.), University of California, USA
V0a T g.?xfH5q k8[Z7{0g6|
Tianen CHEN(Prof.), Tokyo University,Japan
7R c4BK dp `)WWGG7oDXY
Wang Huali (Prof.),PLA University of Science and Technology,China
1P K t y:]#Oj b 0Ad2q;x4n:y
Wenzhong Shi (Prof.), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong\3NP}BbBse
/u Q1]{ j5eIy-a QH
Will Featherstone (Prof.), Curtin University of Technology, Australia
A!A0?r9g"L A R c #iH;W Hb;x+n4S
Xia Guohong (Prof.), China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, ChinaRn"p6dox~m
Yakov D. Shirman (Prof.), Kharkov Military University, Ukraine
V8ZjI+k2mM ` -E0jB6C2hv;R$A+r
You Suya (Prof.), University of South California, USAP]*K*O Z/D6A zD
s`+X1O%jxZ Q;V
You Zheng (Prof.), Tsinghua University, China
| NTLk3eL&\,r"y :D7H g `be0c
Zhang Gengxin(Prof.),PLA University of Science and Technology,China|,xM1N4Vn$OS$I1y
Zhang Jun (Prof.), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
'f9|~bnF3]"w@ 2@R?2{1URi,U
Zhang Lvqian (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinaf._kWu}*J

mm y\ k@;B;m Zhang Naitong (Prof.), Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology ,China
`l*m uGp `*A%n)w.s
Zhang Tianxu (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
/E"} bS D/L$o A$] :G{(i+Y4G^XEJ
Zhou Jun (Prof.), Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
&m6BYk'DpE8S{h O"N%d,V-T1L/^2P:F

a i |$oP0yw_,p%K@
Mm$tJ%F td Executive Committee:
,i|5M)T!^g(@:T7? Bg7vhD(_(@r-x
Chair: _hb#O%y]}

8U6k C!G0x7\*pK;|z Hu Xiulin (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
D9Q%{A,J:s%T sN?1rA*Y l
x%V-n$T:M[ UZz4^2jk Liang Qian(Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China7Z'p*hD-\y

;p,?&tD,`2m2P Members:CA[A n0v b;f R

)XOB&LD"gg Zhu Guang-Xi (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
9X9c h~4[[ Wang Shu (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
BV7KLb#}O%~,Lj _1Kf4ep
Liu yu (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China\\D"Bn0m
%~'[n)N ~9f.\*A zTq
Peng Shiqing (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
U pl|Lj+^0AL
l|*h%` E-v5P!b J W9^:K*K)Qa;w*V'_F

:J7}o2v%I Conference Secretariat:_$RYM}+iU
Secretary General: Wei Jiaolong (Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
^#g.^[ [pv `.}xm.lo
Co- Secretary General: Hou Pingmei (Prof.), China&kq1LO?(y G@n

7y,vg3\:M e Member:
yE$i6X _fM 4F#Aci+w$r*I
Tian Yan (Associate Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Ye Bin (Associate Prof.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
!ub4N"m;NP)]z9P Cen Zhaohui (Dr.), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China{8SfoIa?4YGl/l

Mv~W'W+SI"E;E4[ \ Zhou Liang(Lecturer ), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.C {;P3G/i:f)G[
c:FUY4@ Fc

[)o8^,Ds+y&c Mailing Address:E S[e J{
Department of Electronic and Information, Huazhong University of Science and Technology ([url]http://www.hust.edu.cn[/url])"]/Tm C"MR
1037 Luoyu Road, Wuhan, China, 430074{T$M$pC'[;Pz
Twk o J"Ri6G
'{}t/U v"If7zG
M^+Nr"pC#| (+86-27) 8754-4949, (+86-27) 6211-9843, (+86-27) 6350-7581
'[ CH%]'].M*sn Fax:
&dI4eh~p (+86-27) 8754-4949*Xo;ln X.G Q
qi\(Rc |2U
/N`3LdW iy C ^ cY#Y1d
CP? ucP+xk
@? ShKKg Website: [url]http://icsit2007.hust.edu.cn[/url]W&D\sr3d9U
#O @`!X+{3u^a

f!ptDa Important Dates:
x.S8Baxc4~m5H Deadline for Submission of abstracts: 20 April, 2007$q1e'DO2I

GPC8W:z ? w5v Acceptance Notification: 20 May, 2007
IE L"k'A3g3]%@0n7jJY-q Deadline for Submission of full paper: 20 July, 2007
9j-n;r(]Jg r
`jc ND`P)l_ Conference Date: 10-11 Nov 2007

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:55

2007国际机械工程与力学会议 +m!Q"Lw+R5zsH
|v n:N6^W*O
Ux8L1s^ [ 会议基本信息 ] }6z Xq^S
会议名称(中文): 2007国际机械工程与力学会议
Zy$U4@e }q9f8m 会议名称(英文): International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics 2007
*ez I;d(M 所属学科: 力学  机械工程   
-]_h%~3Zz_ Z0sv'B 0MX@2~%o2h3i3z
会议类型: 国际会议  0]Nu;D c*s(n}e A/?rq#|
会议论文集是否检索: ISTP  W%uD j V"S
开始日期: 2007-11-5 Au(b#wt8bm
结束日期: 2007-11-7 2^8]]? EfP O
所在国家: 中华人民共和国  *JC}"W D
所在城市: 江苏省   无锡市  
*o"dO|8c 具体地点: 江苏省无锡市湖滨饭店
Rq_5m$@uy 主办单位: 中国国家自然科学基金委员会,中国机械工程学会,南京理工大学(中国),弗吉尼亚理工大学(美国),开姆尼茨工业大学(德国),九州大学(日本),香港城市大学(中国香港
J,i6NN)qw4@q 协办单位:  
l Pnj,f0P[ 承办单位: 南京理工大学(中国),弗吉尼亚理工大学(美国),开姆尼茨工业大学(德国),九州大学(日本),香港城市大学(中国香港)
,J0] tRX0C.T$I 议题:  *mk*v&Cy P/YL3Df&`V x
[ 组织结构 ] 1U'^Y*e(C5Pq9W `k+?.\
会议主席: 钱林方教授 /u-^T W:z5B%?1v)x]
组织委员会主席: 王晓锋 教授,南京理工大学校长  "B)O { }1x)S&k
程序委员会主席: 白义龙 中科院院士
"dQ{?wHyR:d|2R*c o
]{#r"IL"C%G 6_ wC(J.SC
hK9w/\ ZGq]7Jd   
nu1US)kUr8x   GA cR7yjEK
[ 会务组联系方式 ] &i"ZT.J3q'LH*? X/Q
联系人: 赖长缨 5j+\f ^{ v
联系电话: 025-84303023 }?7Zu:p%Yuq
$E9[7ab1R;N E-mail: [email]info@icmem.org[/email],[email]Wuruinan-1994@mail.njust.edu.cn[/email] yQ\-W:X8}T
通讯地址: 南京理工大学机械工程学院
:d'N ` \x,~:U k 邮政编码: 210094 Dcpv8kv
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/JavaScript></SCRIPT>F @j%u X }7L
AXN%v F Y+SCJv.x

6PiA r!O9o   
r5f0x`s1zDoQ 会议网站: [url]http://www.icmem.org[/url] OeV*C |wkc
会议背景介绍: The second in the biennial series of International Conference on Mechanical,R` E?;|~4V%?O
Engineering and Mechanics 2007 (ICMEM 2007) will be reached. The conference is becoming an important international academic event.
Z.n HW1Ha$V/P } @n|a z8w%WI E
ICMEM2007 is organized by Nanjing University of Science and Technology
LA6@0b'b9B u;N (P.R.China),Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (U.S.A), Technische Universitaet Chemnitz (Germany), Kyushu University(Japan) and City University of Hong Kong.7YN%^s/J B
The conference is sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).
Mw4G*hk/VN ICMEM2007 will be held during November 5-7, 2007 at Taihu lake scenic
J"bq G2MW5UL p0S resort in Wuxi, two drive hours away from Shanghai, one of the best beautifulv|/W xDMz
cites of China.  
!]NRI*}O.^9x 征文范围及要求: CONFERENCE MAJOR THEMES AND AREAS are:x;U3o!o*h8h_
-Engineering Design, Ymq2Q1r+J | d
-Mechatronics and Robotics
$HL4LO Ct|R -Applied Mechanics
_1vg p/j(K \+K -Advanced Manufacturing Technology
w3x.dG9pt4b -MEMS
_f2a)c n -Vehicle Engineering
W9X+R&F*JF0r -Industrial Engineering
)z6cv%p0m3be -Design Art
d0l/b7W.k+?$};i[ -Mechanical Engineering Education.
V xnN,p)} Papers describing advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques and general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged. Papers describing original work are invited in any of the areas listed below. Both full research reports and work-in-progress reports are welcome. P2}E`ip @"w
Important Dates:
&@ AU7j.|9hVE April 30, 2007     Submitting abstract     
*c7l'yo,ve June 30, 2007      Full paper
n9\'wCDR August 30, 2007    Final paper7B;_Yc3IMO e
November 5-7, 2007   Conferencew,} rC1S+L

~ }O l-vf
m3{2i6QR0pC!P1l 2007100176

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The IADAT-ac2007 International Conference on Automatic Control0e:rJ7?~T5RXm,S-_

#A RN%pPC Announcement
7a RP+W3v2K CY
r_S YZ9N.Pj.AB The IADAT-ac2007 International Conference on Automatic Control is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT. This conference  will be  held in Catania (Sicily Island -ITALY) from September 27th to September 29th, 2007.
;Xv wtF x$X -FTl*eWNn
The main purpose of IADAT-ac2007 is to provide an international forum  for presentation of new trends, practical experience, and the latest innovations and advances in all areas of Automatic Control.*Rzt7P)dp

r&h'tJ:^kn%~ Who should Attend ? }1m]dx [
1ny ]"B'n%z A3h_
Scientist, researchers, engineers, practitioners and  trainers  are invited to present results based son  innovation, research and technologies applied to both theoretical  and practical teaching in the field of Automatic Control.
f.[ug[ VhC y3R$gi
The IADAT-ac2007 International Conference on Automatic Control is organized by the International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology - IADAT. This conference  will be  held in Catania (Sicily Island -ITALY) from September 27th to September 29th, 2007.
's/O4A2[0{9By g
'VwBhO qRD The main purpose of IADAT-ac2007 is to provide an international forum  for presentation of new trends, practical experience, and the latest innovations and advances in all areas of Automatic Control.8w*?5j*y*I

"N;mVay'} Who should Attend ? 7j2\hZG(n
Scientist, researchers, engineers, practitioners and  trainers  are invited to present results based son  innovation, research and technologies applied to both theoretical  and practical teaching in the field of Automatic Control.xq}"f4UoL"{

/n NW*n ?Q Conference Venue: Sheraton Catania - Conference Centre '~(?S#y"L$?
Important Dates  Kq\v4~^ b&kT

y2u8k)a3Y,n sjxB Full Paper Submission: June 30, 2007  7{%u|/j+h#H@$Z"o)@n5z

+UQ"YB w Authors Nitification: July 20, 2007  
9Zk(~cw \)`0wZ[ 2z4@~c }d$_)g\'U
Final Paper Submission: September 10, 2007  
+kr1r'B Gg'Za r ?:z2J }Z3N.D
Registration Deadline: September 10, 2007  
q MA}8Yo] Conference Dates: September 27-29, 2007  
T*Q(s-M j(g3w A R.g0TDV+mW2^sv
Sheraton Catania Conference 'c:S3]CY.PZ

*cJj-`,KVD Center#D*B6o*q9\\

1CCC8w9v{ [url]http://www.sheratoncatania.com[/url]

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a call for papers
~E d6Cr /SdSNq[)H#C
The ISEC2007 Conference(China International Simulation Industry Exhibition & Conference 2007) is an annual conference located in Shanghai, China with international participation. Abstracts and papers are accepted only in electronic form. The final unclassified proceedings are available on CD and in print. The Conference seeks technical papers,  
W9E:CP0JWp [ briefings, tutorials, panel discussions, session organizers and session chairs in a wide range of topic areas. Extended Versions of Selected Accepted Papers in ISEC 2007 will be considered for Possible Publication in Scholarly Journals.
E j yz R#X:n
uO p&On This annual international conference is a forum for professionals involved in the performance evaluation of simulation industry and virtual reality. Performance evaluation of computer simulation industry has progressed rapidly in the past decade and has begun to approach maturity. Significant progress has been made in analytic modeling, simulation and virtual reality.
@2A'bH#?(X7DZ "U,ra AW M8^

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:56

The 7th World Congress on G)V!riX5A
Intelligent Control and Automation]3in:KM L+J9\
3VPi H3U lo
June 25-27, 2008
9w/Y O%pYV"l{ International Convention Center
.t;Y ^4W!Cd O
"\Ca$nh? x Chongqing, Chinapr J-S6Jqs rl8r

f_3W"Z*l@ R*r,T7^hT Congress Organizer
'aHQ nG2pk.| L+X/hAP9x
Chonqing University
9`CT4j F[G:n
0Fa7| jik5K'j Technical Sponsors
0F(q;f.J2G IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
D ~ a$j Be;u
(o"g3D'k@vj&Kv IEEE Control System Society, Beijing ChapterM|JayR
National Natural Science Foundation
g i)BE&` 3g3V_+[a3Yh ?
Chinese Association of Automation7d9I_9L@%@PST

j},r.CuH%| Chinese Association of Artificial IntelligenceS o(u2aR-Jnw'ca
"I(M Vk,f:\
Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission
!h(~w9d bB8mrn!g
Q{#cc.M2vtC/sC Chongqing Municipal Association for Science and Technology QR C5e%sB2b
#V _E-a'lDS(fS

3am4Z#XIpJ&Q Y#JI0a$R1vI,Av@} oh
Topics of interest include but not limited to:#X1x,j/{ RyR
;@M sd5[!~WSa
Compute Intelligence
"d;iR lS Intelligent Automationy?+V"Nn[/q*rOh
i&w Dp XbH
Arificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineeringx6g9~^]1~K*wbJ?
Network Intelligence
7O2s fEV3oO"p 7c/l d/imN R]&f [

pa|~AD \Ld Control Theory
j3H3v rv.p)t G&Vwx9S,Vm7b5XQ
Advanced Control6h1T-jv&RZ KV

5E:l?,B9zA.u3U&o Modeling and Identification
9J-GO3F)bo9{ j
S4N4i]l6^1L~%Y Industrial Automation
9pVrr)K^ 4G Zcn-B.R
Complex SystemVa&XJ0zi?*VF

9X1alyQ!pq-W:m9t Robotics and Intelligent Robot
w J;`f X-Jzu O #i'nI/q5XH
Integrated Automation Systems
6yZ#Ry4K{+DiUycM 'QO| q e R0C
Intelligent Managenment and Decision-making:bA+^`t(O'}z^@
Electronic commerece and office automation
^;JW{SR J L u-P*_uV4Az
Measurement Method and Intelligent Instrument
GQZ O-|%[
.o"M h @m Sensing and Signal Processing
k i"Qb;[/i2S'E@+?
Yk k4Y7qLyN9A Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
|Ry+X8O-m7F }
@)?q0B;rT0@yp On-line Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis E#x0]/MN

JC&s-{ ?}o Mechatronics System
h N*m7Lt2vE|D%ge vW@rrI
Paper submission deadline:Qct.15, 2007
;I,r/pS#{B qY Notification of Paper acceptance:Jan.15, 2008)JhE2Z b3}
Final version of paper submission dealine:Feb. 15, 2008 e8E:Z2X/J

$u/u7S8J t L1Sz8A                                                                                                                     2007100304

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:56

会议名称 The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2007) x,E7g;n^ p*c m{2u
会议主题 Mechatronics and Automation  ||.H*tzb d,c
会议类型 International Conference  
4uTtc,} 会议学科 Mechatronics and Automation
H9B0{D5E&k Ph:qN
M2K|B9A*U_~ C 会议检索 EIT ^-Ud,I2j w!J u5I
X ZC.v xce
会议时间 August 5 to August 8, 2007 }*N5bc9R"@u
会议地点 Harbin, Heilongjiang, China  %f!e@R0L:Kkb
会议主办 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. g@V|O'ds
会议承办 Harbin Engineering University6~b2K0T1K9JY3R5te
会议协办 IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
4L6j QEGE4g^:D!O Harbin Engineering University
u`3lj+j p University of Electronics Science & Tech. of China
#]F(C&?"oWw;y @ 会议主席 Prof. Shuxiang Guo
'Cv+fzRi5h0A Zt 会议投稿 截稿日期:June 1, 2007 9U1^wW~\
会议网站 [url]http://www.ieee-icma.org/Home/Home.aspx[/url] @ ]9B^0Z5]9h
会议联系  E-mail:[email]guo@eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp[/email]     [email]ming@mce.uec.ac.jp[/email]  @5lNK s|w `$nr!m

iQy YC"wd U
!_;m R D#N2`} The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2007) will take place in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China from August 5 to August 8, 2007. A renowned ancient city in China, Harbin is situated in northeastern China. As the capital of Heilongjiang province, the city boasts the largest historical museum of the Jin Dynasty, remains of the Huining Mansion and the tombs of Wanyanaguda. Harbin is situated closest to the important international markets of Japan, Korea and Russia. Its prime location makes Harbin an important economic hub of the Eurasian corridor. Consequently, Harbin is increasingly becoming an important international passageway.[pD6G_G T%Z!\'o
Organized Sessions: Proposals with the title, the organizers, and a brief statement of purpose of the session must be submitted to an OS Chair by April 1, 2007. An invited session consists of at least four papers that must be electronically submitted for review using the same procedure for contributed papers.0@UcuN8zign
Contributed Papers: All papers must be submitted in PDF format prepared strictly following the IEEE PDF Requirements for Creating PDF Documents for IEEE XploreR. The standard number of pages is 6 and the maximum page limit is 8 pages with extra payment for the two extra pages. Accepted papers will be published in the conference CD Proceedings.  All papers presented in the conference will be included in IEEE XploreR and indexed by EI.
AMS.}[C$x(H ~Wk7@l!m w~m
Important Dates: April 1, 2007 Full papers and organized session proposals p2`?J6J.z yG
May 1, 2007 Proposals for tutorials and workshops B\ T]3KgY\
May 15, 2007 Notification of paper and session acceptance
x#lh Rt&R$] June 1, 2007 Submission of final papers in IEEE Z!p5fl"g,v/~
PDF format for detailed up-to-date information, please visit " Prepare Paper Submission ".
5^zriv2g 3O,i5sL,R3A j"Ze
Steps for paper submissions:
-s[7X.S,mXb Y 1. Get an account as early as possible.PRJl1W&a M6h
2. Generate the PDF file of the paper following the paper instructions. Since the papers presented in the ICMA2007 will be archived in the IEEE Xplore system, your file should comply with the IEEE rules. B`k)L wjq.k3O
IMPORTANT: Do not use special characters such as ", or ' or two-byte characters in the title, abstract, and author information subtitles. 9r(Vb.].D7~0n XDx
3. Submit electronically the PDF file using the earlier generated account ID. WcZ8L3@'\4YH*g7_
Please stick to following format guidelines: Papers must be written in English. Six (6) pages, including figures, are allowed for each paper. Up to two (2) additional pages are allowed at extra charge. Papers should follow the IEEE double-column format for ICMA. The first page of the paper, centered on the top below the top margin, should include the paper title, the authors' names and their affiliations, and an abstract. }9Z fz5Ag0D S

Y k#A kM t{ Margins: Paper Size  US letter 8.5 by 11 inches  1wL8_c'W^}\9N
Top margin  0.75 in  
.VRK}-|!eCp Bottom margin  1 in  
_O$]vz MZ6| Side margins  0.625 in  
~8J"W ` Z*c:qn9c8k Column Width  3.5 in  #b3d7[/s T D
Column Gap  0.25 in

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:56

Papers should NOT have: Page numbers Headers Footers
@4~;^ ]|$E
n2P"ANCx v IEEE is very strict about the requirements for converting application files or PostScript files to full-text PDF for inclusion in IEEE Xplore&reg;. Please follow the instructions in "IEEE PDF File Preparation Guide for IEEE Xplore" that describes the essential steps in distilling PDFs that meet the IEEE requirements. The most important issue that every author shall pay attention to is to make sure that all the fonts used in your papers are EMBEDDED and SUBSETTED, especially for papers from Asia and Europe. The "IEEE PDF File Preparation Guide for IEEE Xplore" details the steps for you to check and to make sure that all fonts used are embedded and subsetted. Failure to embed and subset fonts is the biggest obstacle to PDF compliance with IEEE Xplore&reg; and please make sure that your PDF files are compliant with IEEE Xplore&reg;. Papers failing to meet the IEEE Xplore&reg; PDF requirements may be rejected. 0Q+F'bv)V6v
4_9Ih7kC~/H/m }(?
Are you ready? Attention: To submit a paper, you need to have an account. Follow the link "Get a New Account" to request an account and update your personal contact information. If you have gotten an account, please use your ID and password to login firstly.
$e+i/Dj0O-M\ h 4E7O EG5g"h$q*I,v$Ti
Submit your paper online.  :]+r#Q#f Zo!T
Accepted papers: Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation. The IEEE copyright form (PDF, Word) must be submitted. All papers presented in the conference will be indexed by EI and included in IEEE Xplore&reg;.
0~%\(U1xZ6f s +e+C? QNRG
Call for papers:
uJ-S \)H,PA The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA 2007) will take place in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China from August 5 to August 8, 2007. A renowned ancient city in China, Harbin is situated in northeastern China. As the capital of Heilongjiang province, the city boasts the largest historical museum of the Jin Dynasty, remains of the Huining Mansion and the tombs of Wanyanaguda. Harbin is situated closest to the important international markets of Japan, Korea and Russia. Its prime location makes Harbin an important economic hub of the Eurasian corridor. Consequently, Harbin is increasingly becoming an important international passageway.
d5f`j4KGJ[ Kg As the host city of ICMA 2007, Harbin not only provides the attendees with a great venue for this event, but also an unparallel experience in Chinese history and culture. You are cordially invited to join us at IEEE ICMA 2007 in Harbin to live this unique experience. The objective of ICMA 2007 is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in the general areas of mechatronics, robotics, automation and sensors to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of these fields. The topics of interest include, but not limited to the following: 5?Xu1P T`n^x!E

^3~;qr(F2m%F-J+T&v%h - Intelligent mechatronics, robotics, biomimetics, automation, and control systems  
e},r8k{3j6}Kk \1z&g - Elements, structures, mechanisms, and applications of micro and nano systems
J8o X(a!oa - Teleoperation, telerobotics, haptics, and teleoperated semi-autonomous systems .A ot7YQ
- Sensor design, multi-sensor data fusion algorithms and wireless sensor networks *J4f.z6u4|D V
- Biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics and artificial organs /i R q)a7Xk:X:@Wqa
- Control system modeling and simulation techniques and methodologies
Yy&Tl8}N j - AI, intelligent control, neuro-control, fuzzy control and their applications
|;DQ;K i4Smv - Industrial automation, process control, manufacturing process and automation
+QC2q/S*~#o0tl#v"H Contributed Papers: All papers must be submitted in PDF format prepared strictly following the IEEE PDF Requirements for Creating PDF Documents for IEEE Xplore. The standard number of pages is 6 and the maximum page limit is 8 pages with extra payment for the two extra pages. See detailed instructions in the conference web site. All papers accepted by ICMA 2007 will be indexed by EI and included in IEEE XploreR.
qJ]+\n] &lBvS.?;_
Organized Sessions: Proposals with the title, the organizers, and a brief statement of purpose of the session must be submitted to an OS Chair by April 1, 2007.YT8wBDyI ^W!E
3^ oB/Vf-n3^
Tutorials & Workshops: Proposals for tutorials and workshops that address related topics must be submitted to one of the Tutorial/Workshop Chairs by May 1, 2007.
:oyJ!z[0~!^ k;j +{Ryi| } w.MQ%x
General Chair: Program Chair: T]a.~Rg|.\&o8u2]
Intelligent Mechanical Systems Eng'g Dept.Fac. of Engineering, Kagawa University
~`w k&rv)a"^l Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu, 761-0396, JAPAN
7|PP{ gsC2i\@ Tel: +81-87-864-2333 Fax: +81-87-864-2369
:\+m}.}3~\ nli%] E-mail:  [email]guo@eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp[/email]
q(S JT2h?!nh Prof. Shuxiang Guo Prof. Aiguo Ming 2v@7Hx2G;q CM4p
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems
xm4ky+Q2nc University of Electro-Communicationslp7i/_.vFxwj
Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi,Tokyo,182-8585 JAPAN uO0v'iC&X'Q4}6Ff
E-mail:  [email]ming@mce.uec.ac.jp[/email]
gf[ jVp Tel: +81-424-43-5427  Fax: +81-424-43-5796

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:56

Call for Papers (字数太多 分两帖)vuV.e T E7l

c \!\\0D The 7th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA'08) will be held in Chongqing, China, during June 25 - 27, 2008. The congress aims to provide a broad international forum for world researchers, engineers and professionals working in the areas of Intelligent Control and Automation to discuss and exchange their findings, ideas and views. The Congress will focus on both the theoretic aspects and the applications in the fields of Intelligent Control and Automation. Topics of the congress include, but are not limited to the following areas:
T*@9J'V0q/K Topics
!UX+d(j3F9H `%U*} @'f6_(^*t

GM"N^nBt'[7` cb.s&C @gy9y6f Z
A1 Intelligent Control Theory and Applications?8`#L?e1Al6Y

pAm]:n1ZH8S Neural Networks Control VZ4vL NIF'h M
Expert Contrl Qr x {7|5p;kr
Biomimetic Control &t;m:Jva
Fuzzy Control _2_-P@!|t j

9E} zXn+}|#Ptj ;WDb*lC5|
A2 Compute Intelligence`6["_ n1qES
Evolutionary Computing
Aja` {/dP(CuG Artificial Life z~+PiD&i
Genetic Algorithms
p,x}~2t.mS!R(F z Granular Computing
mRr'QP'N Rough Sets Au t q5Y:``f
.h} Z3fu#]l3F

@'O&_Y9k;K+t9b A3 Intelligent Automation
*L A-X:D4u+[ { Z/]1E)bA&D N
Intelligent Transportation J:B+xQ^cSg0G
Intelligent Building
$\ jh?7a Software Automation
:j[D'o1j Health Care Automation 5GlZ!{7U

C4P]3O@ E H
P dxUL p A4 Arificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
CsQ_ HE-F 4}H-{ Ia FZE/~
Machine Learning
g|Z%b]bd _9~ Data mining 6d4YgW~5dI
MAS x]!BT4og9^*z
Expert systems '?R#@z7Ls@ Fv3W2V+z

B"c*pw(w^2u A5 Network Intelligence 4Hi|3p"u4z_|O

.Dp&A&Jz'N9\ WEB Intelligence D&Mv Iq)P DA
Grid Computing
"YoG7H;ol`KX;Y+S Networked Control QpX)s2em5S9q
Network Security
GG }S;Z8?uM K%q
K._/k6\+YGv8I*rR 7@l8Iy$A)\Vm#~r
B1 System-Theory jc!g$x9lMav

.pr6g@Rp#a%_ Large-scale Systems
w ~5F W/DE%{-{ Nonlinear Systems e&S M-\{;U/g
Discrete System
i}/st;XH1E%]g Hybrid Systems o7gn['S|Q0ru4O/]#r
Control Systems with Distributed Parameters !} l%v0v)nr1I ~\

4? {(vR{#o%k/Nam%O
B2 Control Theory F}RKi L x#R
H'C RD0D-k4_"r i i
Optimal Control
v8AV+J+{"v7A| Nonlinear Control rcDT%z;M
Learing Control @0Q6\F*rg
Switching Control
7p2m:T6NH N&@| Cn D w0a'Y)m*Jp*~
M*z Mjc6hC

bCb]yD2v~ B3 Advanced Control*@\/jq;XqZ
Adaptive Control
V(I2td6O2NZ Self-Tuning Control
6h-tPEu#B+Un H∞Control
]hUk/H Yku;k Variable Structure Control ;Foy#t+z8]k*HJ*ZY
Robust Control "?*m&ESCuL7cg
/uV#fk]8Z V7h!Hn
B4 Modeling and Identification2j#k6s~D*ml$k9P
1]FH5Z'_O^ {
System Modeling K0fS,pvL
System Identification
"Jg7`(N"jmd0Q Parameter Estimation 'a:JvZ z.iTP
Parameter Optimization
.rp N`8Th7xvp zH,W
\0a8U,t:O e{VaI(H"N?

)[ign+\(~(h B5 Industrial Automation +YF{$_MD$TB zm!@

J5ww ex)u't Electric Automation 3?yjb#X-pL P
Process Control
-f(i,@6^:Y*}'hV Power System Automation

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:57

C1 Complex System (p W"w2z2z/R})Y0[,J

;f EH)Yh_ Vye Ecosystem, Environmental System
GxUv } Bioinformation System
%f6oQ a4J)?(k3j/W Human-machine System $U2u(r!s RnMg
Economic System
!v-d EE Ns5\ Self-organizing System
*r9Z o4U{*_]fL!g Agricultural System,etc
ZHy A$A u-D(v Q*j y"pP,R(Y"k&X3E,`.{
C2 Robotics and Intelligent Robot hx~AiB@$~Z
Robot Control
IlU-o(H#Hx4u4S'N:p4m Robot Sense
`*gFM3lG^ Oo o Soccer Robot Zr/|7Ho,B |J6E
Specialty Robot 9?WZP%A7P.TS
Mobile Robot q?.hap
Humanoid Robot
CV4v*ti s!ZS
/Nq$u&_^J C3 Integrated Automation Systems5g pA9C1C@ n%Uf:^b
Process Automation Systems
X+e9I9t&O[1yc Computer-Intelligented Manufacturing System ,PEdn2x5Y^
Material Flow Automation System
4GxE fIo
$f/Z%[d/l o-MV9z $?wfiIOa]"D%p'[
C4 Intelligent Managenment and Decision-making M,b&x-nM9m

(q/r@!C+Vws5R v%S Management Information System
kf zkZ7M:KrT Decision Support System
dEu _6^ _D Intelligent Manufacturing System
o5{#My?(qW1@0G Intelligence Scheduling System /e$UH R6hd+H:i

9T1W^)T6Q8[&?3Y K
M,^3T6Tf|Fk*vW g C5 Electronic commerece and office automation
:]]k@Q| X o
4[kD.F|iS Electronic Government
o*M,s8\3m Electronic Commerce
d"pj1s#u Home Automation "gF ~Ef

1F:K uV7d$v D1 Measurement Method and Intelligent Instrument S%cDiM^'^)~6`

#g+t_ZIDX Soft-measurement Technique o/B PYA,c O'R'o
Virtual Instrument
``;~M"A Field Bus
_|!^(X$s0z UGc Industrial Ethernet Qt-O1CgN7I?(I
D2 Sensing and Signal ProcessingL;B!_ i&R

{Y1Ta(pd~2]E2J Multi-sensor Fusion ]E I$Z5}E4Dg
Sensor Network
)Q b m`)A!q7n4A@ Digitial Sensor 1UD8H;nn ^
Intelligent Sensor } R0Vf*w8G W)W:HU
Micro-/Nano-Scale Sensors 'dsS y(?|&z

+x gqP$@7P-y D3 Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
/O-G? g"}'Qr7\ #}:MaB1{2E8]:{p&W
Virtual Reality
#v}3s)}T3T^r Machine vision u7RR;uc6u

] p;Wd$ZJT D4 On-line Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis 7[{#n2ik3X7Y

9x#vEcl Signal Reconstruction
!h7sG HA Fault Identification
s EEzs%|ke Fault-tolerant Technique
I2^(g I9{ qs&b-G Redundancy Technique -Fj*mXH$o+I

1Q!@&MqL| $E vRtV-@j2x
D5 Mechatronics System
hPKBk-oq/l1u Embedded MEMS h/r:K4|/E9I~"x;ZLS

"wp&o'r,|e`"R5k Paper submission deadline:Qct.15, 2007m8V[#HH k5r'L%k
Notification of Paper acceptance:Jan.15, 2008
MZf/^ O1M Final version of paper submission dealine:Feb. 15, 2008

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:57

The 3 rd China CAE Analysis Technology Annual Conference
q|a&vo||:h.^m 2007 National Symposium for the Advanced CAE Technology & Application
+b'tn A)L\?
O*|w9w#^{#G m Invitation Letter7j"y _sWL4I
July 28-29,2007
4d K#Ir B:h DALIAN•China6h.pVN wpQ2m
Subject: Modern industry product design weapons.mO-Oaw Lk&uy1h

d3J*H(F4oHNB [url]http://hi.baidu.com/wjh7711/blog/item/621ac4fdb1b87344d7887df5.html[/url]F.U3|4VSh

:B VK;~G T Consultation Tel:86-10-88145672           Contactor: Hongbo Cao/X2{8RdJ8s?/[KG$d+p]
Register&Oslash; method:
en*K-v;M 1.E-mail:Download the register form on web site and e-mail to [email]hb_cao@126.com[/email]
+v0|X]l/oW 2.Fax:Faxed to 86-10-51577078(24 hours)

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:57

+j_*Y!G(nsX~(]^1N`K 第一轮会议通知 .C u1IIPW
为加快高性能纤维及复合材料行业发展,实现我国东、西部地区资源协调互动,本届年会依托西安、南京两地的行业优势,举办中国西部规模最大、最具权威的专业性复合材料会议。本次会议将以探讨高性能纤维及复合材料技术发展为主题,同时组织展示行业内近年来研制开发的尖端新技术、新产品。会议将盛邀政府领导、国内外行业专家、科研院所、重点高校和企业领导及新闻媒体等各界人士与会,深入广泛的交流高性能纤维及复合材料在航天、航空等军工行业及电力、能源、环保、建筑等领域的研究、应用和发展,并为行业同仁搭建展示与交流平台。现将会议有关情况通知如下: f_ Dq;oY
一、    会议时间及地点
GDC$y'r#sYj6kP 会议报到时间:2007年9月20日 vB3IU4B5Hc
会  议 时 间:2007年9月21日-23日
k!f|'tG2b 会  议 地 点:陕西﹒西安
U1D9R7UF p 二、    会议组织机构 _kF#x$u"o{9P0v*j
~9q W(L4n j           陕西省复合材料学会
&{F(iZ4QeR           江苏省复合材料学会  
5jr$Vz:C DrF5D 南京先进复合材料产业化促进协会 L r)x V;QR
承办单位:西安航天复合材料研究所(航天43所) ug/\8@/p"Rc/{o+Dxy
/n3mm)o@'iYs4v$S2W 中材科技股份有限公司
mk({yj3m4^           陕西华特玻璃纤维有限公司 !d+r:B#f7c%{q oA:J
三、    会议主题 [3ZAR-x-i;_T4]#? ]
把握技术方向,感知市场前沿,寻求强强联合,促进行业发展 /m4W$DN'NG9K z
(一)    特邀报告 :M:C9G;jJ8kX
(nS6N~xQ)@&[ 2、高性能纤维及复合材料在航天、航空等军工行业以及电力、能源、环保、建筑等领域的研究、应用和发展
s*ZkTK2H_ (二)    专题交流 K9JKRC%]
1、    航天、航空及军工材料应用
!o5a5J'\"a 2、    生物复合材料和技术 C(k1tk+KV
3、    交通运输、建筑及能源环保材料和技术
2] F2s#Ua!gJ{n 4、    电子、电工及电力材料和技术 h'|7q1cq%D
5、    C/C及陶瓷基复合材料和技术 ]WB%x B!^,E
6、    纤维及树脂基复合材料和技术 |:~/l*yv6~eg,x
(三)    商务参观考察
gdx]T cu!h 四、会议议程 ,hzp.V5?5yFa-|Y!e
第一天 :开幕式、特邀报告、优秀论文颁奖
7R O-S8hD;NcH8D 第二天:专题报告,专业论文发布,企业信息发布,新产品展示 n*[X9w!a
N-l|#] _!f0I,H1? 五、参会人员
%u'a,{WH|-r+q 1、政府领导 !\.m7N%~-I-u
2、国内外行业著名专家、学者 $c~t;ho5u
Z-yc_"Ja)g5lB 4、科研院所
e7P6v-`@$U } 5、知名高校 CB _5Z ?S N'R
TcyniP-a t 7、支持媒体 j H3s d z1p
b7Cg6j/Hf*Ls&@7d h,` 本次会议面向全国征集优秀论文,并通过国家中文核心期刊正式发表。会议期刊内可以插入少量彩色插页用于企业及产品宣传推荐。会场内为参会单位提供展示专区用于新技术、新产品和企业形象展示,如有意参加会议广告宣传应尽快与会务组联系。
VrzT8H u (注:会议注册及广告征集工作将于2007年6月15日结束)
%G:N8}No \5gu~ RJL|9xB

j0Y| ^+^m
P!F2rY@ t&d+gM 七、会议收费
]BqUg 一、会议代表    费用内容 F,G:lNG j2f,W
非会员单位代表:1200元/人    含会议费、资料、商务考察费。(会议食宿费用自理,会务组安排住宿)
T6r&fwn E P 会员单位代表:1000元/人     
#`+D+G ?;hZ t0^ 二、会议合作    获赠内容
W!M-pj^[,`n 协办单位:赞助费10000元    ◎企业首脑获得年会20分钟主题演讲时段; n w Tb.Z|c4_`
◎年会现场背景板标注公司LOGO; %~0l sIa
^3j3q(_t1c1d N ◎年会间歇播放企业宣传片(企业提供,宣传片不超过5分钟); ({V9H$~T @o*Ls
◎年会现场企业展示板1个; N3H_+gml ]7q3X({
`Np ` b-z6Q 支持单位:赞助费5000元    ◎企业首脑获得年会10分钟主题演讲时段;
L#m*lxNo)y7L ◎年会现场背景板标注公司LOGO; n _Fv"ads
◎年会资料袋中放置赞助企业宣传资料(企业提供,宣传片不超过5分钟); w-v6s k#Q+Z(`)l%v.W
三、广告宣传费用    ◎年会现场背景板标注公司LOGO 5000元;
Kh7ET9Q(uYR ◎会议标准展示板3000元/个; _$O+@e$gs J
◎会场内摆放公司易拉宝2000元/个; qa2a}_~
◎企业产品展台1500元/个(60 cm X 60cm);
y,~:Y$s6i$Z&z(~ ~ ◎会刊封底广告4000元; Gk:lv6{ l F
^0m]]Nc ◎会刊内页广告1800元/页;
7DMV rd\0m
A:I5Y!`9h"pD 八、会务组联系方式 $G[:R/Fu i)g%H/x:g
通信地址:西安市101信箱  民用产业发展部 %G$FINA p.G
邮    编:710025 p-W.puu$@vS9c
联 系 人:刘丽华   罗  强   宁星华
"v"vXm0Z'gk9Q,c)l 电    话:029-83602618    029-83601841   029-83602724
+t"}?R^$M8o 手    机:13002923961     15829029825   13772056868
x%~o y'\;y5W3D 传    真:029-83601841    029-83601356   029-83311891 3_a&q d8`
邮    箱:[email]liulihua.xa@Gmail.com[/email] q(HE eBr6X0{1p(x6\
网    址:http: //www.ht43.com.cn 7W:{UIT:l5@,v3DeX
          http: //www.ht43.com Ha?o \"EJk%{
3RN ]YC fU

Y2_Bq0Q} m,]S 中国复合材料学会科技发展与咨询工作委员会 2}Iu#MwR
        陕西省复合材料学会 :Oa*U@_
GY;T#E.g8us                     南京先进复合材料产业化促进协会 2NJ9H4{ PLq \wJ:E-r

J.Uva g m5e:N 2007 年 3 月15日 4Tc4N }1G\y-r

PdKT6dR+e "Carbon 2006", The International Carbon Conference  
-qQ,Z Ek6n oYPq Title:   "Carbon 2006", The International Carbon Conference   
R8~ J%N!T"ChI_R Subject Category:   All other (including general chemistry and socials)   1tf2`2DSo
Organisers:   RSC British Carbon Group (Faraday Division)   
@k-w_%D;i-? Date:   16/07/06 - 21/07/06  
M*}/p!V$Fr R Venue:      
2i:Fm&c9OvD*~-u;R Venue name:   The Robert Gordon University   
Ri9suVW&b:q Address:   .   8G8_;^s-y(yz
    .   F N7R s wC:QK
7u&S9m,iJt U a L+X     .   b~dC:Y'Xi1G*K
    United Kingdom   |1b4zC^is5M#k8p;D
Useful Link:   [url]http://www.carbon2006.org[/url] ;  puS]v.B.DM;D
Contact Details:      !}g;U2r2I/o }N?
Name:   Dr A J Wickham   
!KvmB?0@ Organisation    P.O. Box 50   _4R^C4b/R.h s;Qh
Address:   Builth Wells   +_9C}Q3zu
    .   +e W%r S9g*m;q
    Powys   8^2zDw0q2{Js.}.LsY
    LD2 3XA   
jZ)F0O2Vv~7`8[8i     United Kingdom    ?(R,jn;p&bg
Telephone number:   01597 860633   
ic5hw6~g} Fax number:   01597 860244   
4O,]4C S.Um%p myF Email:   [email]confer@globalnet.co.uk[/email]   )Z'Q5A@k%` ?1J
Further Information:      
x/{K-tw4`\ Main themes:   Incorporating "NanoteC’06"
J+e{ u"yI&?N
c'T1T9_^_/` To be preceded by a Summer School, same venue, 13th - 15th July 2006 on "Nanoporous Carbon Absorbants: The Key to High Performance Filtration" (same webpage and contact information)   7N U @uk%QGF!K

c`g\2t^ C5i6Z
0l6W ^3hV|8w(z 这个会议我找不到好一点全一点的其他资料了,唉!只能这样了!所以就找了一中文的!

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:57

student ID:2007100323 ~&na;w7^!v!bz

{y5^&m+jB 2008Yqv l `Ju
ICPR 2008, The 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition,G;D*R\B/mI
December 08-11, 2008, Tampa, Florida, USA
,`%K-pH6I)s Deadline: April 08, 2008
%R\~e\M+Ay'i ECCV 2008, 10th European Conference on Computer Vision,%~-}p&Z}
October 12-18, 2008, Marseille, France
Yz|-l#ZC k Deadline: March 14, 2008
e/j&U}[ YV FG 2008, 8th International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition,
(i&D n%gP4MO| OR September 10-13, 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands O*T%z+n"v,g"ea
Deadline: March 22, 2008 Nb.C X!?J4W&mP4m X

a\;R \$O7J6@/| CVPR 2008, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,*_|0n&sK&`"v P
June 23-28, 2008, Anchorage, AK, USAgBZD MM'b
Deadline: TBD Late 2007D0u%@H6zT5\
K}@!\ g|(|
ICASSP 2008, 2008 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing,m#B~'B'|__{h'f
March 30 - April 04, 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA$} D0utAbPI7l S
Deadline: October 05, 2007
6~u k/|1hcM-I
f A9n-o%E-a o~Y VISAPP 2008, 3rd International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications,2f{u+PIu3S|
January 22-25, 2008, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal&v:}i'[]-P T|_s6J
Deadline: September 12, 2007

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:58

student ID: 2007100323
,K)E P{o$D2Xs*l
D6E/g+R^+V+r'p*v 2007
$X8w cc,SpXN$tw
1r2\O3j0A IICAI-07, 3rd Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence,
Jb%RYibWm4a,M December 17-19, 2007, Pune, India F,u8R%e5r1T/^5J
Deadline: April 02, 2007 %ASbU2x
4sIz M!FnH.] I5]]
CBITE 2007, 2007 China International Biometric Identification Technology & Application Exhibition,
Or:t+U8r/qk November 14-17, 2007, Shanghai, China &vEH ?|2i?e
Deadline: ---
5y0iSA OL E
?(^3z3V"Z5`-En ~)w;Yy"w3}$G
VipIMAGE, I ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing,
8`'Dl AY]a October 17-19, 2007, Porto, Portugal
{vC(m1d:r6K/~ Deadline: March 15, 2007
/wZ$pP0Tn+h ;}'Z8ojlf&Q;i x2o
AMFG 2007, Third IEEE International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures,
2r"m@9F!M2y&\)a October 20, 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Z'ntHd L Deadline: May 18, 2007
{Q | [[:v ICCV 2007, Eleventh IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision,7hOn'x7I'_Gi
October 14-21, 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil nYe1\)i9zaJ-Ho]
Deadline: April 10, 2007
&tJvxr ICIP 2007, 14th International Conference on Image Processing,
:z nDW$Nb s i(] September 16-19, 2007, San Antonio, Texas, USALa~~U:PC
Deadline: January 19, 2007 %h%j'k7Q,g:@ Ys!R
}0|4n z_&o
bsym2007, Biometrics Symposium 2007,
!d\kP1\J j September 11-13, 2007, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
st!PNpo o4z [ Deadline: April 15, 2007E%jqiT

z6Fjx7m ICIAP 2007, 14th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing,
(id#GDk~ September 10-13, 2007, Modena, Italy
I EdY,gFf%c Deadline: February 16, 2007
\TUs.bzH Biometrics2007, Conference on Biometrical Feature Identification and Analysis,TQax2H
September 06-08, 2007, University of G&ouml;ttingen, Germany'Q7OY\"paDM
Deadline: July 31, 2007 8P^ u K @_!s2^5J$z

.}Pq){p'B8?*m)` AVSS 2007, 2007 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance,;j*FSxawuMX
September 05-07, 2007, London, United Kingdom ]"EGQ4z(x
Deadline: March 15, 2007 "B{(R[Xl{)_i7v

;Bl;C } n^#g CAIP 2007, The 12th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns,'`bq4n8]_
September 03-05, 2007, Vienna, Austria
:?.wG$T@N9\ Deadline: March 30, 2007
d)D.jr*b3M ICB2007, International Conference on Biometrics,
;t]L:W)OW{BZ August 27-29, 2007, Seoul, Korea
*fr6O SB'g Deadline: January 31, 2007%\6y"_ zb2dj
AIPR-07, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition,
`a1Q/{1M;XK July 09-12, 2007, Orlando, FL, USAQX9[wA
Deadline: February 01, 20070K ]| lN

U;[7C U&] CIVR 2007, ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval,f {0S&O)vG
July 09-11, 2007, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsB i%YW,z;g9M&G
Deadline: February 05, 2007
8^'p(\ Lp ?Q_
%{8^}#w dp ICME07, 2007 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia,%ci+GY+{;m)a vF.?'M
July 02-05, 2007, Beijing, China V]*v#D"s Y
Deadline: February 02, 2007YXopC:}%p

d5nzym W CVPR 2007, IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,
CRKXz4J?*c June 17-22, 2007, Chicago, USA7~.gtFl%U"WS$Sv4m
Deadline: November 27, 2006
,M t0Az J P,n?Sy
OTCBVS 2007, 4th IEEE Workshop on Object Tracking and Classification in and Beyond Visual Spectrum, June 22 (in conjunction with CVPR2007), Minneapolis, MN, USAKjSB!l)bP_
Deadline: March 20, 2007cv'}&_A1g
3yF]$z2\ z*e
CVR 2007, Fourth Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision,
+M w!?4L u&Nc May 28-30, 2007, Montreal, QC, Canada x,T \Xg| gJB g
Deadline: January 19, 2007i:I9S0EM.h6},K"\9P i
;h'f.N7N+` ?;L
VideoRec'07, International Workshop on Video Processing and Recognition,
0K9K b Y @'G'?2D May 28-30, 2007, Montreal, QC, Canada
L{,@ ^vO8|mX Deadline: January 19, 2007(?Zz#v,d-I c%o
MVA 2007, IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications,
Bc Q(e nJ^ May 16-18, 2007, Tokyo, Japan )R J3d9[5_zfgg
Deadline: December 15, 2006
?:rm Z`0fCD
"D(] ~$cG-M ICASSP 2007, 2007 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing,
2Ld7h3w7I April 15-20, 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
&p/{I\`#T*B"d`? Deadline: September 29, 2006
nO lg5h_r{ a4qb uOj M rhy
VISAPP 2007, International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications*b~9wP e-Ice
March 08-11, 2007, Barcelona, Spain !_ ~1AY%|t
Deadline: November 06, 2006

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:58

35th International Conference On+~$\0U U;rX)S
Metallurgical Coatings And Thin Films
8pu mf b8_K ICMCTF 2008 +f vb.v3t q7m{

}!T7]0de!z i \/Xi April 28-May 2, 2008 3}[\(bm"vv0\:D
Town and Country Hotel
3V"_~-ft%G m-c San Diego, California, USA7o r*E _w9g2yl
ABSTRACT DEADLINE: October 1, 2007/A2s"r9Gy8C BC
MANUSCRIPT DEADLINE: February 28, 2008
V8c#Ft?D!| [   
)[-x%vO$n {8a X 5X l$vb^n"Z
+`9A'|tI JGT

s p*sprHQ2j --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
:{ | eYp home highlights technical symposia abstract submission bunshah award student award *c(mO~DA
exhibits executive committee conference registration hotel registration manuscript info. mailed brochure Ygl&w7Oy vC5Y]V-Z7^K
C ZzW\Pp9E
Click Here to view pictures from the ICMCTF'07 meeting6I? Z [JA0w
+n2se A)q_9]G
  The ICMCTF is internationally recognized as a vibrant technical conference that integrates fundamental and applied research focused on thin film deposition, characterization, and advanced surface modification techniques. ICMCTF is the premier international meeting in the field promoting global exchange of information among scientists, technologists, and manufacturers. The conference draws 800 attendees each year with multiple oral technical sessions. The poster session is well attended and is a major component of the technical program. Additional elements of the conference program include a two day exhibition of the latest equipment, materials and services used for the deposition, monitoring and characterization of coatings and thin films. Short courses and tutorials are offered.
"Z9o8No/v;I.~ The conference is organized in different technical symposia to address experimental, theoretical, and manufacturing issues associated with development of new coating materials and processes, dynamics of film growth, development of functional coatings, and evolving approaches to scale-up for commercial applications. The eight concurrent symposia A through H on vacuum processing techniques address the topics described by the symposium titles shown below. There will be special topical symposia (TS1 – TS3) on atomistics of thin film growth, on coatings for fuel cell applications, and on bio-engineered surfaces and coatings. l!l~t.j9C!q
  Subject areas - eight concurrent symposia on processing and characterization of hard coatings, thermo and erosion protective coatings for use at high temperatures, friction reducing and wear protective coatings, optical coatings, carbon based coatings, new developments in thin film and coating technology, coating specific characterization methods and coating technology scale up and manufacturing.  There will be special focus sessions on coatings for aerospace applications, fuel cell applications, bio-engineering and nanostructure assemblies.2w N*X%m6@W
d*G @,R"|CAn-vl.|
CVD deposition technology and modified vacuum processing techniques are augmented by other film deposition methods that include thermal spray, electroless and electrolytic deposition, and solution processing.  Transfer of laboratory-developed coating technology into manufacturing processes and equipment development is a topic that pervades many of the symposia.  P#MA[(m"f
The organizers invite your participation in this conference and look forward to your interaction at the meeting.1BO] ?4E(@&V
I'W ^.DJl4Fx

'u.b[1z{4`[ L N)P @5X\

"p b.Ep%zX
$lf:]];Ba1k&T6{ A.   Coatings for Use at High Temperature
?bF R7J"?oAE R;] B.   Hard Coatings and Vapor Deposition Technology
1Cq5zm#N3D C.   Optical Thin Films @6bbo#Zd5G
D. Carbon & Nitride Materials: Synthesis-Structure-Property Relationships
*g.S$d;p,ft%Q&N mc E.  Tribology and Mechanical Behavior of Coatings and Thin Films S:bC:X1R-w
F.  Advanced Characterization of Coatings & Thin Films +_nR o;rSm
G. Applications, Manufacturing, and Equipment
$UR}*d#_(eG fP9x H. New Horizons in Coatings and Thin Films ?~f]i$A
TS1. The Atomistics of Thin Film Growth: Computational & Experimental Studies (@@7e1f2SCq;SF
TS2. Coatings for Fuel Cells f u]H%f3E
TS3. Bioactive Coatings and Surface Biofunctionalization 7e#d+L9q6?9p4v n~2L

l%A([ lrAD Qs{`6^ M9U~6L5F

Asf q(p'y mw
Cl;i,[]\yh Q@Z.C$k F9I9s/i
ASED invites you to submit nominations for the Bunshah and Student Awards. These prestigious Awards established to recognize outstanding research and/or technical innovation and to honor exceptional graduate students.

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:58

ISMVL - 2008
3u}.g*e6t*kW0s 38th International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic
8u8i4NN N&M9W May 22-24, 2008
ZP#`)l#agUn4i 4b"o Y:nC5Y3_ K*r
17th International Workshop on  Post-Binary ULSI Systems
/~5L N0N F'U{(jv5prOJ4X May 24, 2008
(X SNkg.KI4WV {&F1_T/]"Iz.J
Southern Methodist University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering :qX2J4S(cs

n\9q X1S-}%^q5X Pg+G7f1t+]W
The Multiple-Valued Logic Technical Committee of the IEEE Computer Society will hold its 38th annual symposium on May 22-24, 2008 in Dallas, Texas. The event is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and Southern Methodist University. o/_EXV.~0?
)So@u"k g7L

*sp Y%oB3]-p Call for Papers (pdf)
4Z"Z6},oSo5w+GY ^Ld8uz6e!XU
Paper submission deadline: November 1, 2007;b j;Qi$|T(c5`)C&T,I

xU1[ {xcI Electronic Paper Submission Now Open Click HERE to Submit your Paper
JT9G hvSC~$q F&YE)z$bF8z@
Registration Information (coming soon) s2K/g u1`(a2o%U5C
You are invited to submit an original paper, survey or tutorial paper on any subject in the area of multiple-valued logic, including but not limited to:
z Qibac4dp([
8Pd-j5} K#v1r Algebra and Formal Aspects ATPG and SAT `.b%apZv4]7~
Automatic Reasoning  Circuit/Device Implementation
(A{K0P@| Ph;E Communication Systems Computer Arithmetic Jc T5MjrEE w3i
Data Mining Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
g1o&_"m2B%a\MRM Image Processing Logic Design and Switching Theory
5}H"SS1h#K{$Oe_'g Logic Programming Machine Learning and Robotics
J"?QX"x+eZ6Sw4S'] Nanotechnology Philosophical Aspects :N i'M^b5R
Quantum Computing Signal Processing /|xW(t,bs)R
Spectral Techniques Verification m-M9N P8`:]k

+q&wT"y-ZW^ Paper submissions will be accomplished electronically using an automated submission system. Details of the submission process will appear in the near future. Each manuscript should include a 50-100 word abstract and should not exceed 6 pages in the proceedings format.  "zE9lj+o

|8`,hN(L!uAnW Important Dates Paper Submission Deadline: November 1, 2007
-b0H(zq:d l.x TK4o Notification of Acceptance: February 1, 2008 o"}!tz$x;x(r
Delivery of Camera-Ready Papers: March 1, 2008 bv#n*wV B-rN7_
ISMVL 2007 Conference: May 22-24, 2008 2~p!oLi0j
Post Binary ULSI Workshop: May 24, 2008
@j5}+Q0Jy'Q:X\ ?$tT&DH`

?"[7Mk;J4v/mr0k Accompanying Workshop
g}6PP0m(rC7v6@R%_"S /B:^({6P4o {~4Z{

%B7lz,F|bh$y 17th International Workshop on Post-Binary ULSI Systems (ULSIWS2008)
6z-mHY0i?*r For additional information contact:
p7cl v J@a%hU Tetsuya UEMURA, ULSIWS Chair
uk FeX[ s0t2Q Division of Electronics for Informatics-P7y x&Qg
Hokkaido University, Japan9y4Z5[2@7K#{N j
YIp5` e$c
S3e5L-N2h&ShB P
Conference Committee 8oR3|$G*Z0|7R:^
Symposium Chair4f8E"a Q.ae+B$[ B(]L
Mitch Thornton ;Z]"u!J^[ e-r @
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
&q8Oi ]!@+JKruhM Department of Electrical Engineering cFCZsu'?/JD
Southern Methodist University V XV0N tBg.q
Dallas, Texas %\(S'U}6N2C
E3xq Wt&{ m\;WaD
'G5z!Qi)c_t }~"STg
Felip Manyà
6U x:MP.@ Universitat de Lleida )t2Q IiF qf0tj4f
!^0Q^9m1V;zT HD(\3D\!C{ D
Hajime Machida
pFY$]%\2r Hitotsubashi University6O!?V;YGS-OQ_6[*k
+H0w*zXqTA |B]#IwW1L
Shinobu Nagayama
o:f!?.J\B Hiroshima City University
a`4w#o9[2yi Japan l2l }yd)J{Fm

.T4{z#fcb M Svetlana Yanushkevichv Y C@*jJRSC$y
University of Calgary
Y:[b"j0VD.d Canada&I)Ef1~/M:OO

th%c;e*Im g Radomir StankovicY9o1s*[+ql UF
University of Nis
iy6WDj8rC Serbia
3F1CsH Ik Takafumi Aoki
e7jSHI/r[#Wr Tohoku UniversityG#V*_w[%Ks^;M
M+a0b8PK Jacqueline Rice
&I"d'} |9T nWFt&b'd Lethbridge Universityu*{ l6kR/C

+A^H0sJ5M J+|&W5G5k[ Program Chair!LPZPO/Y!A
Gerhard Dueck
7N2f2Y*x&u$a&Zh;`a Faculty of Computer Science
I*I [;I%U)wR University of New Brunswick
5~ F4fP?$M Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada ^n'?E}Z v#S
Symposium Co-ChairN8zRc uUe1a W
Rolf Drechsler
5],C{ tkx Group for Computer Architecture 4V a;? |r!?erdI
University of Bremen m#[.j)OrA$e
Bremen, Germany
/gXx ],?rS Local Arrangements Chair7Y0[4dk/\z:FTT
Hesham El-Rewini %l+l3F @1p&M
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
N4p8m3lTp G0E Southern Methodist University X$j%s h)L7O
Dallas, Texas  !Hy4wjb3Sk!z

"sY]&^PuJc Finance Chairc Zrc6@6`G zPtL
Ping Gui cI+UeT)r
Department of Electrical Engineering
$?8?%@,Y/c XL:I Southern Methodist University
3@.Krgb F;?.b@lv Dallas, Texas  7U2h-woVF

L2l\u~ 3`/LX(\ E/^a
Publicity Chair
.zR-T H$^&]3M s L Lun Li Q)E AR$u/M
Texas Instruments o'~EZx9vJ"k@
Dallas, Texas  2o"Th+T q$J-M-H!Z
Related links V%W7S YE?Hm
"o4Q[&X R History of ISMVL UZ{z@+oEhk
IEEE Computer Society U#|/A-im4N-j
IEEE CS Technical Committee on Multiple-Valued Logic mHIa/R9@-Jg
Past meetings:
/b/V#X*bN|M.Wi ISMVL-2007 [Oslo, Norway]
zq;j%KgBr F ISMVL-2006 [Singapore, Singapore]
l$v M5ff/v ISMVL-2005 [Calgary, Canada] )b X)jO@rO{^
ISMVL-2004 [Toronto, Canada] 8zlW,dX,eM
ISMVL-2003 [Tokyo, Japan] u:U(q&h P
ISMVL-2002 [Boston, Massachusetts, USA]
-xI#] lx ISMVL-2001 [Warsaw, Poland] 6cdT mx&od%r
ISMVL-2000 [Portland, Oregon, USA]
uin%P|:{ lS&m ISMVL-1999 [Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany]
Z0`6u#^}Y ISMVL-1998 [Fukuoka, Japan]
X$OLRbI ISMVL-1997 [Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada] gP"n,B]m9x$~
ISMVL-1996 [Santiago de Compostela, Spain] ;e4p BeMTy
For additional information contact the ISMVL2008 Conference Committee

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:59

第五届材料与热加工物理模拟及数值模拟uY/D#f,j ZY

3x&N-w dM t 国际学术会议(第二轮通知)
2rbdq}djf)^2j 主办单位:中国机械工程学会
3U |o#YHyiw~ 发起单位:世界17个国家和地区的25个学术团体、大学及研究机构F/f8Y`6vV n
rVC;WK1Z 会议宗旨:交流在新材料研制及其热加工领域的物理模拟及数值模拟技术7[!V6K4R[p m.[4Io
k z4a8aXY+W.^db?   符合会议要求的论文全文均收录在论文集中。优秀论文可发表在《Materials Science Forum》及《Materials Science and Engineering-A》等期刊上,请交版面费1200元。欲介绍新技术、新产品,可自带产品实物或样品;对于从事数值模拟软件开发的公司,会议将提供演示。会后将组织参观。欢迎莅临。
,~RY6b th   有关会议详情,敬请查询:[url]http://nsmp.hit.edu.cn[/url]。请早日将论文全文及会议回执发至:[email]jitai.niu@gmail.com[/email]。
V9RiE(`)C w 会议注册费:
0c#L:E2M7u   2007年6月1日前:每人1300元,学生1000元,家属900元;
+lR#k:@b\ o   2007年6月1日后:每人1500元,学生1100元,家属1000元。1u;D5ijECp9PI
ztUJHl]s   ①通过银行J;u:D Mdd
  账号:3500040109008900513-?R,? p$dw~-Fx W?
dm7l g^,d%[4t   ②通过邮局
XCz L i{ N c   地址:哈尔滨工业大学1180信箱Wlo!yg T
  邮编:150001 ah.A*bb'V8z
  收款人:傅成滨(YQ rXTW3`q
2.机械工程学报投稿须知{/ws^R S }

_s~Gj-]P{ 投中文版,须寄稿件一式两份。
&`pO"^'Zf:\8R 1LLQ E;n3a ]s
投英文版,须寄稿件一式两份,并附加两份中文全文译稿。 'OY9w*y/kT)FM
稿件用计算机打印稿,大16开(即A4纸),双栏排版,正文用5号字。 yx1I0\k]3b}2V
请在寄稿件的同时通过邮局寄100元/篇的评审费,详见《交费通知》。 %}EG7en0Sg

I!w8_*]!Ll8_ E,j 写作必须遵守《作者须知》。
;p,nZ P-J!@MQ
u6W A{GRI;Fy8n 论文写作格式必须符合编辑部要求(可参见样刊)。 $o1RR*dg4iAc HF

;Yy&Ly+EQ 论文写作“量和单位”要符合国家有关标准。
[ Acj:z/g 收费标准:100元/篇 Q-A)x-yVy!h^
    交费方式:请作者在投稿时将评审费一并通过邮局汇出。0@Ok9Uj zG6s
    汇款地址:北京市西区百万庄大街22号《机械工程学报》编辑部9E Gelb7A

j6KQ j9rR!a     邮政编码:100037$NT3a$L!a6{)kn
^c|+Y8@9AX bo

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:59

student ID: 2007100323
}5d[ L)dg#?9l ICASSP 2008 Call for Papers
;l7H4[*u6m2r'KqC1b,r] Download a PDF version of the Call for Papers.
3l7|'m5e9H F
$lf,w%x ? _ n:k[D4j The 33rd International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, March 30 - April 4, 2008. The ICASSP meeting is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications. The conference will feature world-class speakers, tutorials, exhibits, and over 50 lecture and poster sessions on the following topics:
,c?X@7E,^P/xQy -W,kb6?h:{,@7Z
Audio and electroacoustics Z[a,|cT
Bio imaging and signal processing
} f^NQ/a/ah Design and implementation of signal processing systems 2sb r!lNn-S V#N h M
Image and multidimensional signal processing mh&cJ;PMCG
Industry technology tracks
_c9~&F+{v#Q Information forensics and security f0erM0n8A~!g
Machine learning for signal processing
fH-\9tX2Ktx Multimedia signal processing
RG2BMZ%{t Sensor array and multichannel systems
] wk9Zi!q m2lF Signal processing education
ZJ2sBOh6k[3P;u Signal processing for communications }E%nB ~
Signal processing theory and methods 8ts3hxnJo2t;KU
Speech processing
n OxMr7Q Spoken language processing
(}+WU*usFH Welcome to the ultimate location for ICASSP 2008 - Las Vegas! Las Vegas continues to build upon its reputation as a vibrant showcase for the extraordinary. This is the city that attracts more than 38 million visitors a year by offering the grandest hotels, the biggest stars in entertainment, the highest caliber of award-winning chefs and master sommeliers, and, of course, the brightest lights. ICASSP 2008 is to be held in one of the grandest and most recognizable hotels on the Las Vegas Strip - Caesars Palace - one of the most opulent hotels in the heart of the desert, echoing the glory of ancient Greece and Rome.
dN-C([Z-h&z^m,H*D K :Zu|$rduf0t
Submission of Papers: Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length, four-page papers, including figures and references, to the ICASSP Technical Committee. All ICASSP papers will be handled and reviewed electronically. Please note that all submission deadlines are strict.
y4F&}H[l.e C)d`&w~1M
Tutorial and Special Session Proposals: Tutorials will be held on March 30 and 31, 2008. Brief proposals should be submitted by November 9, 2007, through the ICASSP 2008 website and must include title, outline, contact information for the presenter, and a description of the tutorial and material to be distributed to participants. Special sessions proposals should be submitted by August 17, 2007, through the ICASSP 2008 website and must include a topical title, rationale, session outline, contact information, and a list of invited papers. Tutorial and special session authors are referred to the ICASSP website for additional information regarding submissions.
"?p3? e:Q:_ -Gb*Hf!~!sM A
Important Deadlines 2g4E#JAS
Special Sessions Proposals Due August 17, 2007
y2c1V9sTv Notification of Special Session Acceptance September 17, 2007 c^%|?x Q I
Submission of Camera-Ready Papers (Initial Paper Submission) October 5, 2007
uqIe~4_,VNO Submission of Tutorial Proposals November 9, 2007
2]r5VV9\ZHz Notification of Tutorial Acceptance December 3, 2007 )c&?F%__!i\
Notification of Paper Acceptance December 14, 2007 /g9b:rL(` |
Author Registration Deadline January 18, 2008

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:59

MS&T’07… Exploring Structure, Processing andKU-bN&`S%^^7L[JR
Applications Across Multiple Materials SystemsN#I(xr!Ehk(t%n ? V5Sa/~
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------9A`] @H8e(x

+A0x~ @/h \@ MS&T is the global forum for the materials community to explore structure, processing and applications across multiple materials systems. Featuring:C)g5|q3t*w!vN|r

;f?%T)jnH To benefit from this unique materials experience, register on-site at the COBO Center. .Q2s%`5z:@+i
ACerS 109th Annual Meeting
4u}0Cjou4s AIST Steel Properties & Applications Conference,_:BEqy.s7_q"V
ASM Annual MeetingDeKK V
TMS Fall Meeting
U dcr[6t| s Co-located with the ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition i OKX[ mf_
This partnership of four leading materials societies brings together scientists, engineers, students, suppliers and others to discuss current research and applications, and shape the future of materials science and technology.
#x-Z,HC0`/[[]s The American Ceramic Society  
7E h4ZEg4y_4uj&C ASM International  #}oDy4v5k{

:`,Jy6dE%ieU8g#x Association for Iron & Steel Technology  3UR `7ytU
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society  
Yv:g ^ c'c .J|M7dgx#zT eB6l
6x$N*F0\&g7|(NO MS&T '07 Technical Program
T4G7T1f5_H)U Symposia Topics Include
MATERIALS and SYSTEMS ?4j:hZ;k,_0[

3S/hi_C;] \%Q{ \4G8@q_
Itinerary Planner'K*S!mDn
You can plan your week at MS&T easily by using the online "Itinerary Planner.” Create a personalized schedule online so you don't miss the presentations important to you. Visit the Itinerary Planner and follow the prompts.
b7r/DkP"TF k,ro!t8a[MMZ'E
Visit the MS&T'08 WEBSITE6jO+M3G!obeO%C

z|/L*ga!GD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'k4c6\!rX+E.i$l Program Coordinating Committee PI}`5}Z:K x,w
The technical program is organized by the MS&T ’07 Program Coordinating Committee, which consists of representatives from the partnering organizations who make this comprehensive forum possible: ACerS, AIST, ASM, and TMS.
8R _h9n,B m:v2y-_PY.Y
Program Chair  T2Y0`&[M
  Dr. Vijay Jain s-K(gT1uX8y
Washington Group International     :^ y7Ss0O@A
Committee Members  
6tV~.u1R!L'W)bto#K   Dr. James Foley
0P0Pnl%qgx {2v Los Alamos National Laboratory   Dr. Roger Pradhan1vE:a,ya"Vl(K
Arcelor Mittal Steel  
l{od!Za-CKM   Dr. Thomas Lienert}#w g-ZX/eWTkH
Los Alamos National Laboratory   Dr. J.P. Singh
?](I2z.ji\j,z VM Argonne National Laboratory  (aGeiM7f-[2^Z-R
a v3y/o6nJ
L4W }8sl5s

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 21:59

The 6th China International NanoScience and Technology Symposium, Chengdu(2007)
cJXCB;g*_ *Y)v9@%e?\

-WZ5\.u[ 1.Time: November 20-22,2007
'd \#E5k/N
&_u%h$pB 2.Place:Chengdu,China
1R6Pa%JKBtK6Gy@ 3.Language:English
4fWg%NK |)u Y nh!A 4.Organized by:u{5RLxc
Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology
1CH.HY6c$lO MrV0Up\E.B ^ }W
IEEE Nanotechnology Council(Technical Sponsor)
yU2V}'h Fr&`*@,YJ/i#J
Chengdu Municipal Government!{T8^mb4k+N.r FJ
Co-sponsored by: Xi’an Science and Technology Bureau
i$W0Q-g ?'e+e.t Undertaken by:  Xi’an Jiaotong University
%f q&qX `4ikmV |#k Lq?3V P5U#d'd r
《NanoScience and NanoTechnology》Editorial Office
!{*@1b%xV"{ L Co-published by:.RXe5Q?&s9mK
v { `g XLl1u,l
《Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics》(Source Journal of SCI) L"Kp*],D^Pr
n]ek K,| ~]
《Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University》(Source Journal of EI)F-z/F8pf6cQl

%F'bd-WE)D#] 《NanoScience and NanoTechnology》4Y3b-[tg
Advised by : 'W~2rE$a'OZVm
Shi Chang-xu, Wang Li-ding , Wang Zhao-guo, Zhou Lian, Zou Guang-tian, Chen Liang-hui,
;D6D|0Q'u Fan Shou-shan, Zheng Hou-zhi , Lu Bing-heng, Zhang Li-de
'x]RS7Ao Honorary Chairman: fTm]$K!l8[
Bai Chun-li  Executive Vice President of CAS (Academician of Chinese Academy of Science) jb{"xi/IsU1m
           Director of National Center for NanoScience and Technology,China
oT8u3i/o^ General Chairman:
L1M+WYx5k"Q Xie Si-shen  Dhief Scientists Officer of Academician of CAS
pqqNN            Vice Director of Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology
5xm,I,J(Gr.aA9? Overseas Chairman:  Professor Wang Zhong-lin  
BTD4Q(e 'd$j v [%I Bp
Overseas Director of National Center for NanoScience and Technology,China
-n4z*Gd U%q%zkUjU[ G          Regents’ Professor of Georgia Institute of Technology,America
y,k%Tec L    Vice-chairman: Professor Xu Ke-wei  )dH)o;t3u1W

5\l j5{lE Chief of Xi'an Science and Technology BureauProfessor Ge Ling-mei      Xi’an University of Science and TechnologyC R8Cj wm
Professor Wang Hao        Hubei University
f B jto%u nO.y
5Bd&e:e J Professor Yuan Wei-zheng   Northwestern Polytechnical University*t oU?;b i b

px@%\)K m ? UUpT9Hd

Q p n+s&Ts{3v 5FR2O E(}h&[.g
(To be continued)

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 22:00

(Continued)QY+C&^ a1\:_

PkG8DN#pG.?y Committee Members:1BX&UU7Mf6\

a|B9cb(r*EI2@)^2q Ding Bing-jun    Wang Tai-hong    Ning Gui-ling    Tian Zhong-qun    Ye Zhi-zhen      Lv Jian           Liu Zhong-fan     Liu Ze-wen        Jiang Lei      Sun Xiang-cheng  Xu Yun-hua       Xu Jian-zhong     Zhu Jian        Wang Min-qiang       Li De-chang
^YAuq-z `0I $x}J ?Q%y*Z)rlC6S
He Yu-liang      Yang Fu-hua      Yang Zuo-yi      …………E:v v0A/L

oRf1n*E!C9F-n { The Chairman of the Committee:
(@H7],ny9RQ0nt\ B c j \-J
Wei Jun-shui(the director of《NanoScience and NanoTechnology》Editorial Office)
iozR2U;|] d 5.Schedule:
:O)N:{jZ/uo/\ \i ①On November 20-21,it will be held the international exchange meeting in English.%RrPb/d6K
②On November 22,it will be held the home exchange meeting in Chinese
{1A%gy2c:t'ms7qH ③The congressional reports will be held every morning, which invite three or four reportorials. "Uf?c c:d#J

i-]2U0l(Zw)F{B ④The branch exchange meeting will be held every afternoon, which invite one to three reportorials,the others will be communicated by papers.`V+L3C.{Z
⑤On November 20(7:30pm-9:30pm), Prefessor Wang Zhonglin will exchange the information with youth scholars.&[q;T/O X R5mG;K}K3s
⑥On November  21(7:30pm-9:30pm),it will be the exchange meeting that around -s8K[L`/W$i*Vz

4Y!|,?Qd$^&O7g&[ Executive Director of Xian Nanotechnology Academy
5ojcvX,mN4A9J Committee Chairmans:
"Qn~K8lU Professor Wang Zhong-lin (pluralism)
zp+{.J%b/v }W Professor You Zheng x en9_l]5O,T
   Deputy Director-general and Secretary-General of Chinese Society of Micro-nano Technology
fYnQI U+d-O*H.[    Director of Precision Equipment Department of Tsinghua University
nkWt4BX/K Professor Jiang Zhuang-de  Excutive Director of Chinese Society of Micro-nano Technology
#[ S9K H)k c                        Vice-president of Xi'an Jiaotong University
!fpI"c `&}uN +T2Aeu8u+bX pI
Professor Li Wen-rong o&q*I4Jx&f
   Member of IEEE Nanotechnology Council
/@Fx.d{N    Director of Micro-nano System Center of Chinese University of Hong Kong%i'Ro%Db x2qUs]

.] B m#m+I'Ix z Vice-chairmans:REgSG%Y

FDL+Z3JUS production, studying and research of NanoTechnology.
} P^,hYG
9L dd*s7A*I.p ⑦On November  22(6:00pm-7:00pm),it will be the summary report and have a dinner at the same time.
$g$M'[3y5@G4x] M2``AS*m

6j{k X"| h e({@y-S 2Ks0\b,U
(To be continued)

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 22:00

,L;g/Thxx d
(H*o!q(G@ S,h nF"r 6. The meeting contains:
d&g J8kU3G:P 1) basic research of the mechanics , electronics and other properties of nano-structure;
;Sk4}6d+^] 2) manufacture technologies and characteristics of nano-materials (powder, film, fiber, filament, tube and component material, etc.) equipment;
#Xi'Ce x x 3) the three dimension structure, orientation ,operation and manufacturing technologies development of nano self-assemble material in span-scale or multi-scale;p"N+rl W h0@E
4) micro/nano device and system(MEMS/NEMS systems, nano robots, nano sensor/ converter/ resonator/ piezoelectric device etc.) and the design, control manufacture and integration technologies;2} Xx+g:qzUw
5) micro/nano materials and device processing technologies (nano particles self-assembly, the structure and growth of nano oxide, micro / nano etching, etc.);#r'h)I T5A s:DhA
6) characterizing methods of nano-material and testing methods of nano device;
c4Hc8LQ] 7) development of low-cost manufacturing technology of nano-material and nano-device and promotion of industrialization;
E/jRM.eRZ;b_ 8) the application of nano-material and nano-technology in electronics, information technology, medicine, biology engineer, aviation and spaceflight, environment, agriculture, energy, chemistry, spin, rubber, printing and dyeing, plastic, etc.s&e W pr2[ V]p
9) nanoscience & nanotechnology and life (packaging, composites, textiles, cosmetics and personal care);
-N^O[hN*? SB 10) nanotechnology and Security (chemical, biological, radiation & explosive sensing and detection);|}#Y3w(L!vh%|
11) others.
0_z,dp| F\6pX IBl ZqX0\
7 Delegates registration
m]zg n \ ①Abroad delegates: 450 US dollars per person.1AP}x,yGx E
Due to amount of workload for symposium, the promotion of early registration is encouraged; The delegates who registers before August,15, will enjoy $50 discount of the registration fees and registration documents to full participants; Registering after Sept,30, a $50 increase in registration fees will be added Registration Fee:
?!a!v1Vi(qBHm ②Student delegates will enjoy $300 registration fees per person.
^ fM$Y#{f3PW ③Please press here to download the registration form.
(W\Cb#EB6K%pu] 0Xbx*\"b[ ?k3\W
8. Articles publish:GE1l k V`b!g
1)Per delegate will be allowed to publish 2 articles at mostly.
|qn rL&V,?nA 2) Long abstracts (500-800 words) will be integrated into the symposia of the 6th China International Nano Science and Technology Symposium,Chengdu (2007) and CD. 'GX/S4L+@.Dv3u
iH ?Lb(r pEZ
3)Articles in English will be published in《Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics》 or 《 NanoScience and NanoTechnology 》 (《Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics》 is a journal sited by SCI).!E*Gl'v:[)[X0]
9.Please contact with the following:
&?)C \S2l$j(v c.]/h/~ Office:《NanoScience and NanoTechnology》Editorial Office
B X4|R@0u6| Address: 24th Floor,Tower B, Seastar City Plaza, No.37 Keji Road,Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, 710075+W}~-XA%A Z
Xi’an,China_R U;`w{
Telephone: +86-29-88153782, 88153874     Fax: +86-29-88153805, 88314333
w_D!A/A Website: [url]http://www.chinanano.cn[/url]          E-mail: [email]namikeji2004@yahoo.com.cn[/email]
c mSH` T
"O5R6T1f3Yk(Q Or connect with Peking +86-10-62796707 and United States:001- 404-8948008.

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 22:00

j _ p-Amb1Z
:RoW ^$V:kK]pZ
4DH/Po,qc9[ I t\ 第四届创新与管理国际学术会议Z A M6ZPu
The 4th International Conference on Innovation and Management(ICIM07)
0Z xBF^0b r M M
_c3Y7chi     第四届创新与管理国际学术会议将于2007年12月5日在日本山口市召开,此次会议由日本山口大学、荷兰UNU-MERIT大学、武汉理工大**合举办。  
)DfL5W(D _i?1i$_9c@^,S(m c3Q
    所属学科: 管理学JD U r&eC+r
    会议类型: 国际会议   qR WWHD

2p1Dm6r'Pm3H     会议论文集是否检索: ISTP
2w9W q+pG?/xF%A   
0r|6Po{     开始日期: 2007-12-5
a CT9R;w
zP%?&D@_V     结束日期: 2007-12-6 dK!fS})X)h+t K&?

-p3F$] \3pG     所在国家: 日本      
"y"h`:ZFy&\\)t$r,N!S     具体地点: 日本山口宇部市宇部全日空宾馆
6l m {;^;` J9j%Q3lr~|)w
    主办单位: 日本山口大学;荷兰UNU-MERIT大学;中国武汉理工大学 )yr y\'K5V%V6y'|9i

|5QB&H\.g ~ ]     议题: ]m"vC;C&A3xP
XzJ2z D
    会议主题:  创新与管理
!R"YX au!N|!NW
)h0EMN(x1r*N-[)vv     主要议题:
-Z#@4z:P1u,P`%E n
_ q/F)xP ~._p+I     1.技术创新、产品创新与产业创新 %{w p%o8O:sd|
)q:Hww%[U V"f1J/D)N
    2.区域创新 #ENEj3}@
    3.组织创新、制度创新与管理创新 {1r S}c-E!D,~d

x%v U c hn4AO     4.财务管理与金融创新
$Dv#OK Q e,e o| w]yK
"H.~e6T3BuZ]     6.生产、物流与供应链管理 /X7vL8q@I"F
    7.电子商务、电子政务与信息管理 6H;c,Q!hY"N%|9Prny

y$NLyX Q8}     8.知识产权与知识管理
)P8rc4~+R*o     9.技术经济与科技政策创新 j,[?0h1n"@8G$nl
    10.人力资源管理及其创新 *rG|J!P/U.Tl

}Ro'R/W iC|FS     11.综合 0TJ.igs ]5]jp

3o1aa;XV8{     [ 组织结构 ]
o8uCG[Tg,O6n kco/\B"_4U
    会议主席: Ken Kaminishi; Geert Duysters; Hu Shuhua  
~`A%h zWY/el 5p Q&{$vOhY1w5y,JUG
    [ 重要日期 ] P~%['T8E,PY3mAK.f
7J eXr1Jx
    全文截稿日期: 2007-7-30
CBH}+s_l P$IO dC%QeA*p1a
    论文录用通知日期   2007-8-30 V1j4R_6zdliU r
3F lYo&kSI
    [ 会务组联系方式 ]
1}Cg nF%G3m 'R-xe/k(G}k
    联系人: 杨老师 h8?%Wr|cQ
    联系电话: 86-27-87859059 _3fSL YQ bh [,U
    传真: 86-27-87859231 ?1G'ci;[$K
    E-mail: [email]innovation@mail.whut.edu.cn[/email]
#dPy3yfey;O]5sUB `     通讯地址: 武汉市洪山区珞狮路205号 武汉理工大学管理学院 N%O6`)\B,N
    邮政编码: 430070
'i]|Dt `b v mWl)I:N'|$S S t
    会议注册费: 20000日元(约1400人民币) *h Tbb[&Z6nj

y[i n W6rfp|     会议网站: [url]http://www.whut.edu.cn/glxy[/url] 7k:w|:U[$\h

&X2x}PVOKs B&|+f1ZP$F#g6f

~!yB.l9O @sT     会议出版物
cIC*K h wv8r2~} ` @
ic7bH!G L]     所有被会议录用的论文,将被收入由武汉理工大学出版社出版的会议论文集,该论文集被国际ISIP的ISSHP(社会科学及人文科学会议录索引)整体收录。   
\0D-f jkMN     会议费用
f'S6j,I6c5kHY,HF @ 4BVW[B$d*qCy
K)x)@f F%`     到山口大学参加会议的代表注册费、食宿费自理。
J4z/T d"??
L1?Vpu3uL     重要日程Xu| B7b7wea#\

'o-k&X I4[%Kn%zWkc[     2007年7月30日 论文投稿截止lG Y]3Q2HY
    2007年8月30日 发出论文录用通知4g$s%J8xR?;ur s)b
    2007年12月5日 会议在日本山口大学开幕
\(]!tl4YMf6OP C7bN%H8r-d+Y(y y t
e8Lj(r?i xt:`2L Vy+K
    稿件用Word97以上版本,用电子邮件投稿,投稿时必须将回执用中文填写清楚,交到email:  [email]innovation@mail.whut.edu.cn[/email];论文格式详见会议网站([url]http://www.whut.edu.cn/glxy[/url])上的论文规则及样张。  
+Ho7Q4x{3{3e i~ 'y bqB!dH

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 22:01

The 4th International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
Wjx^&Nn!Y Scope and Topics[img]http://www.nanospd4.org/modules/nanospd4/nanospd4-logo.jpg[/img] The 4th International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation (NanoSPD4) will continue the tradition of the conferences held in Moscow, Vienna and Fukuoka. Thus, the key topics of the conference will include1XR9E[P8W8A
[list][*]Processing[*]Microstucture[*]Mechanical and Physial Properties[*]Modeling[*]Applications[/list]
gO U5^2K+Qq ^1p-Z and other new developments relevant to the field. NanoSPD4 will provide a forum for an intensive discussion and exchange of ideas for all those interested in basic aspects and applications of ultrafine grained and nanostructured materials.
2R plI |,qY&h Call for PapersThe Organizing Committee welcomes paper submissions for oral or poster presentations. Abstracts are to be submitted by November 30, 2007 at the latest on this website. A letter of approval will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author by January 18, 2008. All papers presented at NanoSPD4 will appear in a special issue of Materials Science Forum, published by Trans Tech Publications in Switzerland ([url=http://www.ttp.net/][color=#0000ff]http://www.ttp.net[/color][/url]). All papers will be peer reviewed and must be received no later than March 28, 2008. For further details see the conference website. A condition of submission is that accepted papers will be presented at the conference by one of the authors. Participants can register electronically at the conference website or use the form provided. UL5\ S.r iu'q0Q.aq
Conference Venue[img=130,130]http://www.nanospd4.org/modules/nanospd4/conferencevenue.jpg[/img] NanoSPD4 will be held in Goslar, which has an over 1000-year long history ([url=http://www.goslar.de/englisch][color=#0000ff]http://www.goslar.de/englisch[/color][/url]) and is known for its exceptionally beautiful architecture. In 1992, the Old Town of Goslar was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List for All Mankind. The conference will take place at "The Achtermann" ([url=http://www.hotel-der-achtermann.de/][color=#0000ff]http://www.hotel-der-achtermann.de[/color][/url]) – a historical hotel with modern conference facilities.
e i`9uG7B LanguageThe official language of the Conference is English. GB$[R^
Key Dates[table][tr][td]Deadline for abstract submission[/td][td]     November 30, 2007[/td][/tr][tr][td]Notification of acceptance[/td][td]     January 18, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Submission of manuscripts by[/td][td]     March 28, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Final date for receiving all manuscripts after revision[/td][td]     May 10, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Reduced registration fee until[/td][td]     June 1, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Registration deadline[/td][td]     July 11, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Welcome Reception[/td][td]     August 17, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Banquet[/td][td]     August 21, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]NanoSPD4 conference[/td][td]     August 18-22, 2008[/td][/tr][/table]
uqtX$~ur NanoSPD4 Conference FeesThe conference fees include admission to the presentations, the proceedings of the conference, refreshments, lunches on five days, a welcome dinner and a conference banquet. [table][tr][td=2,1]Registration by June 1, 2008:[/td][/tr][tr][td]Participant[/td][td]      

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 22:01

The 4th International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformationja$P YJ,lr'GzB7@
Scope and Topics[img]http://www.nanospd4.org/modules/nanospd4/nanospd4-logo.jpg[/img] The 4th International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation (NanoSPD4) will continue the tradition of the conferences held in Moscow, Vienna and Fukuoka. Thus, the key topics of the conference will include
*b*^M:A#Mo0ha{/|-mK [list][*]Processing[*]Microstucture[*]Mechanical and Physial Properties[*]Modeling[*]Applications[/list]CwR9GO
and other new developments relevant to the field. NanoSPD4 will provide a forum for an intensive discussion and exchange of ideas for all those interested in basic aspects and applications of ultrafine grained and nanostructured materials. 3}8_3Uh9U0U
Call for PapersThe Organizing Committee welcomes paper submissions for oral or poster presentations. Abstracts are to be submitted by November 30, 2007 at the latest on this website. A letter of approval will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author by January 18, 2008. All papers presented at NanoSPD4 will appear in a special issue of Materials Science Forum, published by Trans Tech Publications in Switzerland ([url=http://www.ttp.net/][url=http://www.ttp.net/][size=2][color=#0000ff]http://www.ttp.net[/color][/size][/url][/url]). All papers will be peer reviewed and must be received no later than March 28, 2008. For further details see the conference website. A condition of submission is that accepted papers will be presented at the conference by one of the authors. Participants can register electronically at the conference website or use the form provided. $A)H*@d5F^D
Conference Venue[img=130,130]http://www.nanospd4.org/modules/nanospd4/conferencevenue.jpg[/img] NanoSPD4 will be held in Goslar, which has an over 1000-year long history ([url=http://www.goslar.de/englisch][url=http://www.goslar.de/englisch][size=2][color=#0000ff]http://www.goslar.de/englisch[/color][/size][/url][/url]) and is known for its exceptionally beautiful architecture. In 1992, the Old Town of Goslar was entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List for All Mankind. The conference will take place at "The Achtermann" ([url=http://www.hotel-der-achtermann.de/][url=http://www.hotel-der-achtermann.de/][size=2][color=#0000ff]http://www.hotel-der-achtermann.de[/color][/size][/url][/url]) – a historical hotel with modern conference facilities.
!?j9|-u;b LanguageThe official language of the Conference is English. 5nu1ix%s
Key Dates[table][tr][td]Deadline for abstract submission[/td][td]     November 30, 2007[/td][/tr][tr][td]Notification of acceptance[/td][td]     January 18, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Submission of manuscripts by[/td][td]     March 28, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Final date for receiving all manuscripts after revision[/td][td]     May 10, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Reduced registration fee until[/td][td]     June 1, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Registration deadline[/td][td]     July 11, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Welcome Reception[/td][td]     August 17, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]Banquet[/td][td]     August 21, 2008[/td][/tr][tr][td]NanoSPD4 conference[/td][td]     August 18-22, 2008[/td][/tr][/table]
^$i!S7fuS;Ma0z#EU NanoSPD4 Conference FeesThe conference fees include admission to the presentations, the proceedings of the conference, refreshments, lunches on five days, a welcome dinner and a conference banquet. [table][tr][td=2,1]Registration by June 1, 2008:[/td][/tr][tr][td]Participant[/td][td]      

zhaoshuankee 发表于 2008-8-20 22:02

2007 MRS Fall Meeting[list][*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/sec.asp?CID=11162&DID=201707&css=print][color=#0000ff]printer-friendly[/color][/url][/list]
\8B2pT\ [img]http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/docs/images/201707_f07_homepage.gif[/img]GO^X"v-I^3H
[b]November 26 - 30, 2007[/b] *e ooOdZ|S/e)|
Exhibit: November 27 - 29
k5DaS6BM;@ Hynes Convention Center and
iG)C R0P Sheraton Boston Hotel
(j0f ga$d'h\ Boston, MA
H.q/g `8C [b][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/sec_mtgreg.asp?CID=11181&DID=201748][color=#0000ff]Register Now[/color][/url][/b]
p+wOU.]K%j~ [table=98%,#ffffcc][tr][td][align=center][b][url=http://abstracts.mrs.org/Status.aspx][color=#0000ff]Check abstract status[/color][/url][/b][/align][/td][/tr][/table]3f J-x.{N-X
The 2007 MRS Fall Meeting will feature 42 technical symposia in seven topical clusters, an international exhibit highlighting products and services of interest to the materials community, and much more.
M,kUn5Jb ?(]|.[ \K2aR3md
Documents[list][*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=192371][b][color=#0000ff]Meeting Chairs[/color][/b][/url] C|+t8qzE
Welcome message from, and contact information for, the 2007 MRS Fall Meeting Chairs[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=198466][b][color=#0000ff]Lodging[/color][/b][/url]
[9\2@+hb A Information about discounted lodging options for the 2007 MRS Fall Meeting.[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=195662][b][color=#0000ff]Registration Information[/color][/b][/url]
a9Y-p&xs\3?N Register by November 9 to receive the discounted preregistration rate. Online, mail, fax and phone registration options are available.[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=199205][b][color=#0000ff]Plenary[/color][/b][/url] R \zSC$s-yg&GT
Monday, November 26, 6:00 pmG d+R?OT
Grand Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel
R ~S@*{YG!f;J Steven Chu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory i0k_.ML)I
[b]Talk Presentation:[/b] The World's Energy Problem and What We Can Do About It[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/bin.asp?CID=11162&DID=201764&DOC=FILE.PDF][b][color=#0000ff]Downloadable Preregistration Form[/color][/b][/url]
:A.^\x G!Bl Download this PDF form if you prefer to register via mail or fax.[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=200712][b][color=#0000ff]Science As Art Competition -- Fall 2007[/color][/b][/url]
)O&_6T"DT"d Occasionally, scientific images transcend their role as a medium for transmitting information, and contain the aesthetic qualities that transform them into objects of beauty and art. As a special feature of this meeting, we will conduct a "Science as Art" competition, with prizes of up to $500.[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=192714][b][color=#0000ff]Graduate Student Awards[/color][/b][/url]
[ D.L#F$DoNB The Society will present awards to graduate students who authored or co-authored symposium papers that exemplify significant and timely research.-h*HSg8{
Wednesday, November 28
|)Ta.I FDV Location TBA[*][url=http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=11162&DID=193016][b][color=#0000ff]Symposium Assistant Opportunity[/color][/b][/url] ;r\5\ YY%Tx
General Information and Application[/list]

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