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        Culture makes the difference

        Even the best strategy can’t succeed unless it’s supported by a strong culture. That’s why we at Gret live and foster an Ownership Culture – a culture that encourages every individual in our Company to give his or her best in his or her position in order to help build Gret’s long-term success.

        Ownership Culture

        Anyone can copy your strategy, but nobody can copy your culture.
        Gret is a company that was led for years by owners who had a passionate interest in the firm’s long-term successful development. They all knew that every individual makes a contribution every day to the company’s enduring success. We’re following this conviction and want to foster an Ownership Culture worldwide that includes all of our people. We believe the following principles are especially important here:

        Owners ensure our business success

        Our behaviors bring the Ownership Culture to life

        Owners care for each individual

        Ownership Culture is based on our Company values

        Owners identify themselves fully with Gret